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KEYMACRO is an experimental application that seeks to allow users to define complex keyboard sequences and enter them anywhere.
KEYMACRO main features:
– it allows users to create hotkeys with up to five hotkeys and a hotkey group (groups) of up to 20 hotkeys.
– hotkeys can be defined with “On” or “Off” state, with duration (time) between them, with a preset command, or with any other parameters.
– hotkeys can be set to repeat an execution as many times as you want, until you stop them.
– hotkeys can be saved for next session or for a future session (as “automations”) and can be organized in a “Keyboard Macro” file.
– hotkeys can be shared between users (via LAN)
– hotkeys can be used with the “Keyboard Macro Manager” (KMM) application (KMM)
– hotkeys can be filtered by any active applications
– hotkeys can be disabled or re-enabled
– there is an option to customize the hotkey macro entry screen.
– it also offers the possibility to execute any command from the file or folder from where it was launched (as a macro)
– it is also possible to edit hotkeys through the “Hotkey Macro Editor” (KEE) application (KEE)
KMM/KEE details:
The main purpose of KEYMACRO is to make it easier to assign hotkeys to any application. It is not meant to be a shortcut/shortcut creator. While there are many other applications to do this, the goal is to allow users to set hotkeys for any command of any application without having to mess with it’s files, for example, if a user wants to assign a hotkey to execute a specific command for a specific application (which can be in another folder for the user to change that specific command to anything he or she wants, as an example, a user could use a text editor to open a specific file, but instead of “copy the contents of the file to the clipboard”, he or she could set a hotkey to “open the text editor with the file containing the specific contents”)
As for the functions of the application, the following can be done through the application:
* create hotkeys with “On” or “Off” states
* define hotkeys with a specified duration in seconds or milliseconds
* define hotkeys with a specified program
* define hotkeys 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO simplifies several mouse-based tasks such as: changing keyboard layouts and specific keybindings; switching applications; changing window size; show/hide desktop icons or launch menu, etc. KEYMACRO is not like any other similar software; it is a FREE, OPEN SOURCE, cross-platform, keyboard shortcuts manager for Windows, Linux, and Mac.
Are you looking for something which can ease your everyday computing tasks? If yes, then we strongly recommend that you download KEYMACRO.
KEYMACRO features:
– 70+ customizable keyboard shortcuts (assign them to your applications)
– Cross-platform (compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux)
– Configure multiple shortcuts from one hotkey (e.g. CTRL+S to save a file)
– Works with all Windows applications, including the one you run with windows+R
– Change keyboard layout: in Windows, you can change the keyboard layout using the Regional Settings; in Linux, you can configure a keyboard layout at the login screen
– Keyboard: in Windows and Linux, you can use the hotkeys to change keyboard layout (e.g. CTRL+SHIFT+U to change the keyboard layout)
– Show desktop: in Windows and Linux, you can show desktop icons; in Mac, use Show Desktop
– Launch menu: in Windows, you can add or remove the launcher items; in Linux and Mac, you can add/remove the app launchers or task bar
– Switch application: in Windows, you can switch the window of any application (e.g. CTRL+ALT+TAB to switch to the next window); in Linux and Mac, you can switch applications with CTRL+SPACE bar or CTRL+TAB key
– Window size: in Windows, you can change the window size using the hotkeys; in Linux and Mac, you can change the window size from the title bar (e.g. CTRL+SHIFT+N to maximize the window)
– Show desktop: in Windows and Linux, you can show desktop icons; in Mac, use Show Desktop
– Deskbar (if available): in Windows, you can add/remove the desktop icons from the taskbar (e.g. CTRL+SPACE bar)
– Launch menu: in Windows, you can add or remove the launchers from the application menu (e.g. CTRL+SHIFT+MENU to add or remove launcher items from the Application Menu); in Linux and Mac, you can

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