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– Modern, easy to use interface
– Bold, Italic, Underline text formatting
– Cross out text with strikethrough
– Insert image with supported formats
– Hyperlink to a link within the text
– Choose from a variety of colors
– Find and replace function
– Includes basic Wordpad functions

You can go to:


If you are using Microsoft Word, it already includes a “Word” app. Wordpad is more of a minimalist, stand-alone application.

However, if you are not already using Microsoft Word and instead use a different word processor, you can install Microsoft Word as a feature for WordPad.

You can either run the MSI directly or you can install it through the Windows Store.

The installation process from within the desktop program is probably pretty straightforward.

Either way, you can then access the “Word” app in the same way you access WordPad.
For more info, see:

If you want to use Microsoft WordPad to create documents as well as edit documents, here’s a guide to getting started with WordPad for the web.


Monday, November 21, 2012

October Wrap up

I think it’s only fair to show you what I’ve been working on since October, even though it’s not much and there are some missing parts.

The stitching has taken a back seat this month. I have lots of kids quilting for me but they won’t start doing their own quilts yet. As a result, I’ve worked on a lot of quilting for friends and my charity work, and hopefully I can get back to some more free time this month.

My charity work is made with orphaned children, mostly in South Africa, who don’t always have anything to keep them warm. I’m happy to give them scarves, hats and blankets. I got a lot of good practice with two little African kids,

Wordpad UWP [2022]

Accent your UWP apps by opening it in the Microsoft Store on your PC.
Now, you don’t need to know anything about HTML or CSS to use this. Open your editor and simply select the text you wish to accent.
Do it simply by selecting one of the following two features:

Generic Characters: Here you get a wide range of symbols, such as dollars, percentages, and so on.
Rich Characters: This option gives you full control over everything, including the accenting and the formatting of the text.

Depending on your operating system, you’ll have to choose one of these options.
You’ll have to open your PowerShell window and type in the following command to run the script.
Install-WindowsPowerShellApp -Path

NOTE: This process will prompt you to enable Developer Mode in Windows. After doing so, your Windows will allow you to launch the app as well.
User Interface:
I found it to be a little bit bulky, but it certainly serves its purpose. So, with that, I would say it’s a decent app overall.

Simple, intuitive, and straightforward.
Out of the box, there isn’t much to this app.
Good enough for an offline Office alternative.


This review has been written using the free version of the app.
The developer offers a premium version of the app, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

The review was based on the following dataset:Wallerian degeneration of the pyramidal tract following a traumatic lesion to the head.
A case of Wallerian degeneration of the pyramidal tract following a traumatic lesion to the head is described. This rare finding is thought to have occurred because of a dysfunction of the cholinergic system in the corticospinal tract, caused by a lesion to the pons and medulla. Similar degeneration of the pyramidal tract has been seen in the chronic phase of multiple sclerosis, and also in cases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or of Wilson’s disease. The pyramidal tract degeneration observed in this patient may also be related to the release of potassium from the degenerating neurons. The literature concerning Wallerian degeneration in the pyramidal tract after a cerebral lesion is reviewed.. Still, this future is not in sight. It might come in a decade or so, when you

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Key features:
How to use:


You can try Mikogo 2.0 for FREE now, it’s a part of Microsoft Docs so no extra requirements.
The app is free to use, but you can buy a subscription if you would like to use all of the following features:

Edit in place
Create and edit multiline text
Paragraph formatting
Word count, and more!

Edit in place

Convert Word, PowerPoint and OneNote documents to InDesign
Add and remove tables and frames
Format images
Add comments and track changes
and more.

Create and edit multiline text

Show and hide content
Highlight and format text
Highlight and remove text
Format and justify paragraph text
Place text on a canvas
Collapse and expand words
Create and remove line breaks
Insert and move text
Format text

Paragraph formatting

Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, centered, justified, justify-to-left, justify-to-right, indent and outdent
Apply different fonts
Add borders, shading, shadows, backgrounds and more

Word count, and more!

Count words, characters, lines, paragraphs, and more
Generate a PDF file
Show/hide footnotes
Collapse footnotes
Insert footnotes
Insert headers and footers
Add headers, footers, page numbers and more
Create bookmarks

Save and resume editing
Switch to a different document
Create new documents

The other free apps are mostly for basic editing such as replacing or removing a character, changing text color, or creating an image from scratch. The subscription gives you more opportunities to use the app.


Session management in nodejs

In my express based application i use session. So i have all the login, profile related code in my server side. For example i have a login method in my server side.
Now i have to make sure that users can not login if the session doesn’t exists in server. So i do session.unset on login in server.
Is this the right approach to do session management in nodejs? Is there any other

What’s New In Wordpad UWP?

Wordpad is a text editor for Windows desktop computers. It is part of the Windows operating system. It is available for Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows Vista.
Wordpad comes with most Windows editions, and is available for all Windows editions from Windows Vista Service Pack 2 onward.
Features include:
Text Highlighting
Formatting and Spelling
Cross Out
Text Bolding
Text Italics
Text Underline
Image insert
Image Text
Text indent
Images (Insert Picture)
Insert Hyperlink
Insert Object
Alignment (Text Right, Left, Center)
Text Alignment (Text Left, Center, Right)
Links (Hyperlink)
Formatting (Heading1, Heading2, Heading3, Heading4, Ordered List, Unordered List, Numbered List, Bulleted List)
“B” “I” “U” “S” “E” “R” “S”
Review Wordpad UWP:
5.0 out of
5 stars from
1 ratings.
1 star
User Ratings:
out of
based on

It’s time to talk about open source text editors. In this post, we will discuss the main features and the pros and cons of the best open source text editors on Windows.
What are open source text editors?
An open source text editor is a software application that you can download and use for free. The program is programmed in such a way that you can contribute to its improvement by modifying the software or sharing your own modifications with the rest of the world.
What are the main features of the best open source text editors on Windows?
This is the most important question we’ll discuss today. We’ll try to cover the main features of each of the best open source text editors on Windows.
Sublime Text 2
Sublime Text 2 is an open source text editor developed by the folks at Sublime Text. It has a unique feature called the “hot-keys” system. The user can save a string of text as a.sublime-hotkey file. These can be used to easily access the saved text. Other features include a block-insert mode, an icon bar, word and line count, search and replace, macros, and more.
Fantastic VSCode
Fantastic VSCode is an open source text editor with a modern design. It is a very fast, lightweight text editor that’s ideal

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