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You will need to save these MAC/MACKEY/SSID values in a file called’mac.ini’ using this command:
wifi hotspot create –mac=MAC/MACKEY –mackey=SSID –app=appname –pwd=pwd –network=domain –webnetwork=
You can also set as many parameters as you need in the configuration file, using the following command:
wifi hotspot create –mac=MAC/MACKEY –mackey=SSID –app=appname –pwd=pwd –network=domain –webnetwork= –tftpserver=
–tftpserverport=PORTNUM –tftpboot=PATH –dhcp=DHCP –ipv6=IPV6 –fw=FWVERSION –defaultgateway=GATEWAY –hidden=0 –hidden2=0 –dhcptimeout=TIMEOUT –dhcpserver=SERVER –dhcpserverport=PORTNUM –dhcpsearch=DOMAIN –dhcpport=PORTNUM
And you can use the same configuration file to configure the hotspot you already have running

you can use this little to fix the problem or so it seems
So if you’re having the same problem and you’re using Vista or Windows 7, go to Start | Computer | Sharing Center | Edit Connections | New Connection | Wireless Network Connection | Properties | Internet Connection Sharing

To use this application, first find out the source MAC address of your wireless card. If you are using an adapter that comes with a disk, you can easily get the MAC address by right clicking the adapter name, then select Properties and click the Details tab. Alternatively, you can run the command below:

adapterinfo | findstr MAC
You will get your MAC address as a result.
Now you can go to www.wifi-hotspot.com, login with your email and password (use the one you use to sign in to any website), and click on “Create Hotspot”. The MAC address will be shown in the input box of the form.
Type it in and click “Next”. You can also specify other WiFi related settings on this page (just in case you already have them).
When you click “Create Hotspot” you will be presented with a success screen.

You can use this application to check your MAC address and then check whether the value 84e02134c1

Google Widget Editor
Multi Tray Ping
Notes Organizer Deluxe
Panda Preschool Activities
Eclipse Launcher
Portable Visual Subst
HDR Efex Pro for Photoshop
Cok Auto Recorder
Max2k LockIt
MMA Fighter Screensaver
Intel USB System Check
Salted Hash Generator
Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition (formerly Serif DrawPlus)

– the main part of the application (1670 dpi)
– key combinations to move, rotate and resize the flashcards
– actions for each flashcard
– end key for the review mode
– automatic login of the application
– full screen mode
– ability to switch to color mode
– calculation of the review target after the review mode
– exporting of flashcards to XML files

Minesweeper is a popular classic puzzle game. It is the perfect “brain teaser” for all kinds of players and friends. The objective of the game is to mark all the safe places on a grid filled with randomly placed bombs. A bomb explodes when it is touched by the player. At any time, the player can draw a line through a bomb, if there are no more moves, then all the bombs will explode.
In this version you can play against 3 competitors at the same time. You need to eliminate your opponents by placing bombs on their pieces, one at a time. The game features a variety of different board types, the same as in the original Minesweeper.
The game can be downloaded in four languages: English, French, German, and Spanish.

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the Wrathstone, a new premium dice tower based on the character-driven tactical fantasy world of Mark of the Warlord. The Wrathstone contains 1,000 premium, cloth-wrapped 20-sided dice in the style of popular collector’s items such as Dwarven Halls or Dragon’s Breath dice.
Meticulously crafted, the Wrathstone’s steel frame with eight horizontal rods allows for the random reordering of the dice by rotating the dice in a swivel-mounted mechanism. The upper and lower shelves of the tower have been designed to provide a sturdy base for any gaming table.
The Wrathstone is the perfect addition to any game collection. It is approximately 26 inches tall and 6 inches deep, and ships in a wooden crate.
Visit the Fantasy Flight Games website for more information on this new product.

Fully inspired by the popular board game Risk, Scrabble X’s goal is to ensure that each letter of your chosen word has been represented on the board, while not exceeding the maximum number of points available for that letter. This ensures that you’re able to play a winning game on the Scrabble board.
Conversely, Scrabble X tries to make sure that none of the tiles on


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