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Google announced Android Beam at Google I/O on May 24, 2012. Android Beam is a feature that allows devices with Bluetooth capabilities to transfer data over a short distance between two devices by scanning specially marked Android applications. When both devices are touched to each other, they instantly share full page images, videos, contacts or messages, as well as other documents. On Android 4.0 and later, users can use their fingers or a stylus to write on the screen of the compatible device and share the handwritten words with the device, or they can write their names on a screen using a virtual keyboard. Android Beam uses NFC and Wi-Fi Direct (WiFi P2P) to send and share data.

Next, Google stated that it will be upgrading Android to 2.3.5. The changelog states: ” Android 3.0 includes many great new features, like cut, copy and paste, multi-window browsing, and improved support for the type of apps that have become big business today. But Android 2.3.5 brings additional new features that make browsing and reading content on mobile devices a much more immersive experience”, and “There’s also some bugfixes and performance improvements, as well as a Bluetooth radio fix for some older devices.”

Instead of relying on the Android Market to update applications for users, Google instead has included Android 2.3.5 ROMs for almost all devices running 2.3.3 or prior. An update to the current pending update could only be achieved by performing a separate downgrade process. Device vendors can release their own Android 2.3.5 ROMs, however as a warning for users on Android 2.3.3, the T-Mobile G1 and Samsung Galaxy S Duos had an incorrectly updated version of 2.3.5, which caused problems with the keyboard and re-writing SMS text messages. Android 2.3.5 is currently unsupported, but some developers expect to release support for it within the next few months.


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