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KeyMacro Windows application helps you to access your PC using your Apple Watch. You can use KeyMacro to easily access the features of your Mac, find files and folders, and control your favorite apps.
The application will remember your settings for the next time you open it, allowing you to quickly access all of the features.

Sign in to your email and download the application. When you are prompted to register a keyboard, do not select the option to use the one that is attached to your Mac, but create an SSH connection with KeyMacro.
This tutorial is about “Safari Remote Desktop”, which allows you to connect to your Mac using your iPad or iPhone.
This is not a procedure for installing a server, but a step-by-step guide to help you connect your iPad or iPhone to your Mac using
KeyMacro Safari Remote Desktop
– iPad/iPhone
– Mac
– KeyMacro
Download KeyMacro
Note: This tutorial was created for the iOS 11 version, but it should work on the iOS 10 version too.
You can find the instructions on how to install the application on iOS 10 here.
Step 1: Register an Apple account
Apple developers are required to have an Apple ID. You can sign up to create one using your existing Apple ID or create a new one.
To get started, log in to your Apple account and select the Apple ID that you want to use.
Once the account is created, it will take a few minutes to activate.
You can then go to the settings of your device and locate KeyMacro.
Go to the Apple ID option and choose KeyMacro.
Step 2: Connect to your Mac
This section will guide you through the entire process of connecting to your Mac using KeyMacro.
To do so, follow these steps:
– Open the App Store.
– Select the App Store icon and tap it.
– Tap “Redeem” in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
– Select “Install” and tap “Install”.
– Wait for the installation process to complete.
Step 3: You can now go to the Settings menu on your iPhone or iPad.
– Open the Settings app and select KeyMacro.
– Select “Switch to your Mac”.
– Select “Switch to Mac”.
– Select “I’ve got my Mac nearby”.
Step 4: You can now locate the SSH connection on the Settings menu.
– Select 384a16bd22

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Eliminate the frustration of entering and editing data manually, one character at a time.
SoapBox Communicator, the XMPP Client developed by Innobilez, is the first XMPP software application to offer a keyboard Macro feature that lets you define, save, and execute keyboard macros (aka shortcuts) with a simple click.
Go beyond the limitations of a regular XMPP client by recording custom keyboard shortcuts that can then be instantly reused. No more transcribing your chat history.
Eliminate the frustration of entering and editing data manually, one character at a time.
Get your work done quickly and efficiently by saving custom keyboard shortcuts with SoapBox Communicator. Once saved, you can instantly reuse your favorite shortcuts while chatting in real time.
Toggle between two key inputs with a single click.
One of the most useful features of SoapBox Communicator is its toggle key switch. It enables you to quickly toggle between two key inputs. So, while your chatting on two different XMPP servers at the same time, you can still receive keystroke messages from both servers.
Configure key and mouse macros to run automatically when you start a chat.
Keyboard macros are configured to run automatically when you start a chat. They can be configured for certain servers, for individual messages, and for the entire chat history.
Enter up to 255 special characters into chats.
SoapBox Communicator is a comprehensive XMPP client application with features that include IRC and Direct Client Connect (DCC) support, customizable window backgrounds, and file upload capabilities. It offers many unique features that are not found in traditional XMPP clients.
The feature set of SoapBox Communicator includes:
• Tabbed chat windows
• Drag-and-drop upload and download capabilities
• IRC and DCC support
• Real-time messaging
• Keyboard macros
• Session log
• Files and chat history
• Download history for added security
• The ability to chat on multiple servers at once
• View and customize chat windows
• Instant scrolling of the chat log
• View message headers and authors
• And many other features that enhance the collaborative environment.
SoapBox Communicator is the ideal XMPP client for real-time messaging and business collaborations.
1.5.1 Key shortcuts are also known as keyboard macros. They are defined by the user and are saved for easy recall. SoapBox Communicator offers keyboard

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