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Take-1 Recorder

Record video and audio
Take snapshots of interesting parts of your desktop
Capture a particular window and its contents
Record screen or just a part of your display screen
Create a video with no coding, just from images and sounds
Capture images, highlight text and diagrams
Use options to control recording
Customize picture files with various effects
Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000
Take-1 Recorder portable license key is a very simple and efficient tool. It is used to record all of your desktop activities and game play. It can also be used to record video and audio as well as capture images. You can easily use Take-1 Recorder to record all of your desktop and program activities on your computer. The program can be used to record various screen shots or windows including the captured image and your desktop. You can also use the screen grabber to capture any part of the screen, including the text, images, documents or any other content that you like. You can also use the built-in draw tool to create custom images and design it with various effects. Take-1 Recorder can also be used to record program activities including system notifications, applications, windows, mouse and other contents. You can also use the included sound recorder to record any sound in a form of audio files.
Key Features:
Record video and audio
Take snapshots of interesting parts of your desktop
Capture a particular window and its contents
Record screen or just a part of your display screen
Create a video with no coding, just from images and sounds
Capture images, highlight text and diagrams
Use options to control recording
Customize picture files with various effects
Supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2000

Window Recorder is a simple utility designed to help you record the contents of your Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 desktop and change the desktop to basic. You can also use this app to copy and record keyboard keys and mouse clicks. It works with both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows. You can record the entire screen as well as part of the screen. It is very easy to use Window Recorder.
Key Features:

Record video and audio
Take snapshots of interesting parts of your desktop
Capture a particular window and its contents
Record screen or just a part of your display screen
Create a video with no coding, just from images and sounds
Capture images, highlight

Take-1 Recorder

– it allows you to add, edit and delete key macros or hotkeys for your keyboard
– organize keyboard macro groups
– each macro group can have its own customizable name
– provide a shortcut for the editor (click the icon) to modify a macro
– change the keyboard layout or keyboard in use
– a keyboard that is not registered in Keyboard Manager can be registered and re-mapped to a new shortcut
– hotkeys can be customized or disabled
– hotkey groups can be configured and disabled for one or more layouts
– custom shortcuts can be added to all layouts
– macros can be nested, so you can group a macro and add a shortcut to that group
– create, name, and delete multiple macros
– sort and view shortcuts
– edit the keyboard shortcut menu
– use a keyboard wizard to create the keyboard shortcuts
– perform macro functions using the macro editor
– create custom keyboard shortcuts by selecting your own keystrokes or by clicking the macro editor icon
– create key-only macros and macros that don’t perform any function (ex. count to N)
– create macros that perform functions only when a specific key is pressed (ex. let user switch users only when Control + Alt + Del is pressed)
– create your own built-in macros or use any of the available pre-defined macros
– combine hotkeys and macros to perform specific operations
– use the global key bindings to manage your keyboard’s macros
– create and manage profiles (ex. one for games and one for the web browser)
– create a keyboard shortcut that will cause the macro to be performed when a specific program is opened (ex. turn off the monitor when your browser is opened)
– assign new keyboard shortcuts or move the existing ones
– record macros that you perform using Keymacro
– create keyboard shortcuts to create playlists
– create keyboard shortcuts that start and stop your music player
– create keyboard shortcuts to control your media player (ex. pause, play, skip forward, skip back)
– create keyboard shortcuts to perform specific functions of your media player (ex. change the volume)
– create keyboard shortcuts that display/hide media player’s windows
– use hotkeys or hotkey groups to control other applications (ex. display the media player’s media list, toggle the media player’s full-screen mode)
– create hotkey groups that affect your music player, email client and media player
– create hotkey groups that manage your folders

Take-1 Recorder For PC

Take-1 Recorder is an easy-to-use utility for recording your every move and word, capturing the entire screen or specific parts of it, recording pictures or videos from the desktop, making recordings from your web browser, converting audio into MP3 files and capturing any screen images to a photo album. It can also perform image rotation or screen capture from your webcam.
Take-1 Recorder is a powerful tool for making demos and tutorials. Once your presentation is done, you can easily convert it into a video file, share it on the web, burn it to a CD, burn it to DVD, and burn it to a photo album. It allows you to capture the entire screen, select a part of it, record audio from the computer speakers, or from the microphone, or from a sound card, record audio from the sound card, record video from a webcam, record video files in any of the popular video formats, and convert your audio and video files.
Key features:

Record video, audio, and screen shots to various media files
Take-1 Recorder can record the entire desktop to AVI video files. You can also select the part of the desktop you want to capture, rotate the image, add text, change the resolution, and add special effects. You can capture sound from the speakers, microphone, or any other audio source in MP3 or MP2 format, or record audio from any sound card.
Capture the screen images to photo files in JPG or BMP format
Take-1 Recorder can capture the entire desktop to photos. You can use the built-in rotator to rotate photos, save them in the folder of your choice, and you can also choose to include the date and time in the file name. You can also select specific areas on the screen and turn them into photos. You can capture the full screen or select a window to capture images of its contents. The photos can be saved in JPG or BMP format.
Record audio files from audio applications
Take-1 Recorder allows you to record audio from a wide variety of sound recording applications like Audacity, GSpot, QuickTime Player, Real Player, and more. The sound files recorded can be saved in MP3 or MP2 format. You can adjust the volume and select the audio device for the recording.
Capture images from the Web
Take-1 Recorder can capture the entire desktop to images in JPG or BMP format. You can select the folder you want the

What’s New In?

Today we go over another essential tool for Windows PC users. Take-1 Recorder is a useful software utility designed to help record sounds and all desktop movements, as well as capture the entire screen or certain areas of your display screen.

If you are looking for the best video editor software for Windows 10, 7 or 8, look no further. VideoPad 2018 is here to help you create professional videos on the go.
Key Features:
Powerful video editing tool
VideoPad 2018 is a video editor for Windows 10, 7 or 8 that is based on a plugin architecture to create and edit all popular video formats and codecs. With this tool, you can easily create high-definition video.
It allows you to easily convert videos to a variety of formats and codecs, and also makes use of Intel® Media SDK for video editing. This can help you produce more varied content and get real-time video editing results without much effort.

Editing and creating videos is not only limited to professional video editors and video editors. If you are looking for an open-source video editor, it is a great tool to use, because it is free, light, and easy to use. Plus, it is easy to install.
If you are looking for a video editor that is free and easy to use, MediaPro Video Pro 10 is for you.
Key Features:
Import Video/Audio
The top feature that is included in this video editing software is the ease of use. The software automatically detects and imports the videos you want to edit.
MediaPro Video Pro 10 makes it very easy for you to import videos from your hard drive. You can open a video that you downloaded or created right away, and edit it to your heart's desire.
Video Pro 10 also includes powerful video and audio editing features to help you create short videos, make them loop, remove or cut parts of the video, change the length, and more.
Other features:
Set screen recorder
You can also set the screen recorder to record any activity on your computer. This allows you to record any activity that happens on your computer screen. For example, you can record any online game you play, any activities you make on your computer screen, or even games that you play with your kids.
After you are done recording, it is easy to save the video and share it with your friends.
Advanced video editing features
Not only does MediaPro Video Pro 10 have the ability to record and edit your screen, but it also comes with some extra features to help you edit and create videos.
To start with, the software comes with the ability to merge several videos together into one file. This allows you to create multiple video files from one source. If you are not familiar with using a video editor, this could be a great feature for you. You can even merge videos together based on titles or descriptions

System Requirements:

(1) Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/Windows 7
(2) 8GB or greater of RAM
(3) 3GB of hard drive space (4) 1GB of VRAM is recommended
(4) DirectX 9 graphics card
(5) Other graphics card such as a 128MB Radeon 9500 or better may be required to run the game in its highest resolution
(6) Gamepad support is highly recommended
Recommended Experience:
(1) Super Playable
(2) Highly


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