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– Play DivX, Mpeg, Asf, AVI, MP4, MPEG-4 video files on your computer in full screen.
– All the video files are added automatically to playlist.
– You can add as many video files to the playlist as you want.
– Change video quality, playlists mode and position of the playlist at any time.
– Supports Xvid, DivX, Mpeg, Avi, Mp4, M4v video files.
– You can also play the files on your computer screen with different screen sizes (playlists fullscreen, halfsize and original size).
– You can view playlist position in any time.
– Different screen savers are supported: simple and waves.
– Supports video file with video and audio.
– You can also set the screensaver time and time limit.

The Video Screen Saver Software include:
– ScreenSaver software
– Video Screen Saver
– Keygen
– Video Screen Saver + Keygen
– Activation codes
– Video Screen Saver + License key
– Video Screen Saver License key

Video Screen Saver include:
– Watch this screensaver as a background
– Full or Half Screen mode
– Full Screen mode with time limitation
– Full Screen mode without time limitation
– Playlist mode with time limitation
– You can also add to playlist on your own
– All video formats (divx, mp4, avi)
– Supports multiple video files with time limitation, You can even add custom playlist and custom position to those video files
– You can also define speed of the video files and the screen saver
– You can also show the information about the files
– Easy to change the settings
– Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
– VST and VST3 plugin for Windows and MAC
– You can also convert your video file to any audio file (wav, mp3, wma)
– The last version is 1.3.1Q:

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The mic key (aka mic mute key) is a system-wide key that turns on and off your microphone.

Lightweight utility to control the microphone on your PC
You need to press and hold the system-wide keyboard key “microphone key”, “mic”, or “mic mute key” to toggle the microphone on or off.
When the microphone is on, you can use it.
When the microphone is off, it will not allow you to use it.

MICKEY saves your life….when a phone call or online video chat is on you press “Mute” button at the same time. The call will stay on while you are working on it.

MicKey allows you to change the sound settings of all installed audio devices at once, so no matter what sound device you are using, you can change all of its settings at once.

Use MICKEY to enable the muted option for your audio device.

When you press the “Mute” button, the mute state will last for the next 5 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour. If you need to use your audio device more often, you can set the “mute off” state in the Settings menu, where you can also define the mute action that you want to perform automatically when you enter it.

Turn your PC into a remote control for your smartphone, tablet, TV, and other multimedia devices.

You can send input events like touches, key presses, key combinations, and mouse clicks directly from your Windows PC to other devices, such as:

iPad or Android tablets

Android phones, tablets, or mobile TV

Windows Phone or mobile Windows

XBox, PlayStation, Mac, or iOS games

Many types of media center devices

Desktop video game controllers

Remote control applications

Remote desktop or presentation clients

General Use: You can control other devices that are connected via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other connectivity interface. You can even use the application as a keyboard for your laptop, notebook, desktop or tablet PC.

System Wide Configuration:You can set a single button to perform multiple actions at the same time. You can configure which keys are bound to which actions.

Useful: You can use it to control your multimedia devices directly from your PC. Use your PC as a keyboard for your TV, game console, tablets, mobile phones or your home theater. You can send input events like touches, key

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