Stylish Fonts In Telugu Free |WORK| Download

Stylish Fonts In Telugu Free |WORK| Download


Stylish Fonts In Telugu Free Download

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Every day a question is asked in the comments section of this site, whether I (Dade) should make a font. The idea of releasing my tools to the public, without even asking for their opinions, bugs me a bit, so here’s my answer.

As with any other development project, (including those of my customers), there’s always room for improvement. This is my take on the issue and without further ado, here’s the new shape: (this shape is also available as a free download.)

You can easily change the shape and texture using the new settings:

This is part of my rendering process and generally doesn’t effect the resulting font. However, this is an approximation, so you could use it as a replacement for a font which is already rendered.

This is a first beta of Crafty Bricks. I can already see a lot of potential with Crafty Bricks and need feedback from you guys before I release it. It’s only a test version so far, but I’m already quite happy with the results.

You can (and I will) download the new beta of Crafty Bricks for free in a few weeks. I’ll then provide the source codes online, so you can modify and create your own bricks. This is an open source project, so please contribute by rating, improving and developing.


Edit: @blas01. Thanks for sharing the love! I really appreciate it.

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