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You might not be aware, but you can actually apply cool effects to your images without installing an expensive software like GIMP.
EximiousSoft Cool Image is actually a set of advanced tools that allow you to easily add special effects to your digital photos.
With the help of EximiousSoft Cool Image, you can be sure that you can go further than any other photo editing software.
A comprehensive package
One of the advantages of this software is that it is a comprehensive package with easy to use features.
There is an extensive guide and tutorials available, as well as comprehensive instructions.
You will get all the help that you need to enhance your images and you can also get the opportunity to share your creations online.
The app is included in the list of best free image editors for Android and you will find it in the respective store and category.
If you like the idea of editing your images and see the possibilities of digital photo, you might want to check out EximiousSoft Cool Image.
EximiousSoft Cool Image is a cool photo editor that you can use to make your digital photos look cool.
EximiousSoft Cool Image is available for all devices, including Windows PC, Mac and Android, but the best experience is to have it on Android.




Most of the Photo editing apps are free and cost less than $1. If you want a good photo editing app, choose an app which is with following features:
There are a lot of online photo editing websites, where you can upload your photos and can get them edit. It is a good way of editing your photos. But, this method doesn’t allow you to personalize your photos.
You can edit your photos, you have to edit your photos and personalize your photos with EximiousSoft Cool Image.
EximiousSoft Cool Image is a cool photo editor which you can use to make your images look cool. It can be installed on PC and Mac, but best experience is to have it on Android.
It is a complete photo editing software that you can download and install for free.
You can edit your photos, create awesome effects, add cool frames, and many more with it.
Here are some advanced cool editing features of this software.
It supports Windows, Mac and Linux, and it is compatible with all other devices.
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ClickyMouse Standard is a helpful piece of software that permits you to create macros thus enabling you to run certain tools easier.
The application does not require installation, which means that it can be dropped to any folder on the hard drive or even to a portable device, such as a USB flash drive. The last mentioned option enables you to easily create macros on any computer that you have access to.
In addition to that, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to get updated with new entries.
This software utility has a powerful built-in macro language that enables you to perform a number of different tasks, such as inserting text, time and date, file and Clipboard operations. Moreover, ClickyMouse Standard has a demo macro which displays a small list of several other applications in the upper left corner of the desktop.
When creating your own macros, you can choose from an array of triggers such as mouse events (move it in a certain part of the screen, shake horizontally or vertically, click the mousewheel etc.) and control keys (Alt, Ctrl, Shift). In order to set up a new macro, users can also record it directly from the program, a feature that enhances usability.
All in all, the ClickyMouse Standard is an efficient piece of software that enables you to create macros for certain actions and perform repetitive tasks a lot easier. The program did not present crashes or bugs during our tests.
If you are interested in accessing several other options, such as being able to encrypt macro files, generating “Free Macro Player” files that can be used by others and call macros remotely, you should know that the program has a more advanced counterpart, called ClickyMouse Professional.
ClickyMouse Professional Edition Features:
Create and run macros without the need to manually enter their commands. You can use and edit macros that have been created by others, and customize their functionality to suit your needs.
Control all macros and applications using only one mouse click. This saves you time and effort.
Access the desktop context menu by right-clicking on icons, on taskbars or on the windows. You can use this feature to access the desktop context menu, even if you have dozens of icons on your desktop.
Work on more than one computer simultaneously.
Simplify the process of running commands and handling error messages.
Open several files at once and save them in a single click.
Save frequently used macros, files, and other items to help you on your computer.

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