Staubli Robotics Suite Software Download ((HOT))

Staubli Robotics Suite Software Download ((HOT))



Staubli Robotics Suite Software Download

The ROBOT-LAB application includes any intelligent robot application such as robot programming or simulation, except the development of robot applications itself. As such, it includes the functionality for simulation, planning, and robot programming. Additionally, the ROBOT-LAB software offers a possibility to test and evaluate your robot application on a real robot hardware.

The Octopus has developed the multi-purpose robot OCTOPUZ which is used for manufacturing. With OCTOPUZ the user can navigate him or her at the production site, put his/her mind into relevant development, and then, with the appropriate robot stand, execute the programmed activities in close cooperation with the production line with real-time relevant data. As a result of central involvement in the optimization of his/her existing production lines, the user can also establish an innovative industrial robot production.

The robotic arm OCTOPUZ is a central technology component in Single-Machine Orientation. The unit has a developable, industrial strength robot arm, in which all the technical components can be installed, and which is integrated into a flexible robot chassis. The OCTOPUS is controlled by a PC based PC-robot-software OCTOPUS which is network connected. The OCTOPUS comes with several all brand-new, hard-wearing actuators with microscopic controls, and integrated safety switches. The entrance and exit of the production line are controlled directly from a PC.


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