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Star Citizen X52 Profile


Dec 7, 2017
This is a joystick profile for Star Citizen, based on the Logitech “X52” Pro joystick, also commonly known as “the ”  .
Oct 16, 2016
I have a Logitech X52 Pro (for the X52 joystick) and I tried to use it with SC and the X52 Pro (logitech) joystick profile is awful .
Aug 8, 2020
I installed a bunch of old outdated profiles for everything I had, including x52 pro for sc
Nov 14, 2019
We had a reported bug with X52 Pro, so I reported it and they confirmed it is fixed, just had to reboot .
Dec 17, 2019
Opens the Profile Manager and starts a hotfix profile (probably to counteract the killcan I noticed yesterday on reddit) .
Dec 25, 2019
Open profile manager (custom profile section) from the main menu and try to open my profile name “x52-pro-openload” and if it doesn’t load due to some bug, or maybe it may be due to a killcan or similar, then try to open the profile manager using the icon on the lower right of the HUD. .
Dec 27, 2019
I tried to open a profile from the previous day (to the “x52-pro-openload” name), but it said the file wasn’t found or that it couldn’t load the file (probably still due to the killcan). I am pretty much locked out of the file manager for now due to bug in the X52 Pro profile manager .
Dec 28, 2019
Loading a profile name as “x52-pro-openload” on the main menu opens the profile manager. And it opens the file (even if it says it cannot load it) .
Dec 29, 2019
It opens the profile manager, but the problem is if I open any of the profiles from the previous day, it just won’t be shown as the current day file and it won’t load it (the slider will flash green). So it just flashed red and won’t load the profile manager .
Jan 4, 2020
I don’t know what happened, but I could not open the profile manager for quite a while, now I can open it and the X52 Pro (logitech) profile manager loads fine, even with the profiles from the previous day, but the X52 Pro (logitech)


Sep 24, 2020
By the way, If you have issues with your x52 on newer ships, it’s probably because of the profile you used. Things like the profile I have is a lot easier to .
Mar 3, 2015
So I recently picked up the Elite Dangerous: Horizons beta and found out the game did not have any .
Feb 21, 2019
Here it is: THE CLOUD BRO PRO Profile for Elite: Dangerous x52 HOTAS v0.4 .
Feb 21, 2019
A comprehensive keyboard/mouse profile for Elite: Dangerous, including keyboard and mouse bindings, a keybindings manager (so you can switch .
Sep 14, 2020
I installed the HOTAS on my Elite Dangerous PC. It works perfectly for the first 20 minutes. I then try to open some mission .
Aug 30, 2017
It’s my first time using a HOTAS and I have tons of questions about it. I’ve played Elite: Dangerous and Wing Commander IV in the past but never .
Feb 9, 2018
After about 4 years of not using it, I decided to play Elite Dangerous using my hotas. I have a hotas. I also tried the default profile. I have tried every .
May 25, 2017
Did you know you can change the default configs of your HOTAS? I tried the x52-pro. I like how it doesn’t confuse you with the stock profile .
Aug 30, 2017
The comprehensive Elite: Dangerous HOTAS profile is a great way to get into Elite: Dangerous. There are, however, a few issues. .
Nov 1, 2018
Experience has shown that working through a bug report might take a little time. In order to help developers and users .
Mar 1, 2020
I wanted to test out x52 out so I downloaded it and used the keybindings manager and I set it to what I wanted it to be. I then .
Feb 27, 2020
I accidentally bought a Hotas with HOTAS-Pro, and it came with a nice button mapping, but I didn’t really like some of them. A gamepad I .
May 18, 2020
I ended up getting an x52 due to my Elite Dangerous game. I used the default profile. It’s ok I guess, but for some reason it has all my .
Mar 14,

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