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All-in-one solution to remove duplicate files, remove common files, make backups of folders, archive files and emails, secure your files with password protection and encrypt files, backup all computers in your network. Keymacro is a simple and easy to use application that will help you backup your documents, emails, photos, videos and many other type of files on your computer. Keymacro will protect your files by creating a self-protecting password for your files and you are the only one that knows the password. Also Keymacro will create a quick backup copy of your files to a location of your choice. You can even encrypt your files so no one can access them unless they know the password.
Keymacro has a built-in email client that will help you automatically archive all your incoming and outgoing emails in a single location. Keymacro has many types of secure options that allow you to protect your important files from being hacked. With a built in password manager, you can create a series of self-protecting passwords for your files, messages and emails. A pop up will ask you to enter a password when you try to access a file that is password protected. The Password can be anything you want, you can even have multiple passwords to protect different types of files.
Keymacro will allow you to archive your files in more than 50 different ways. Keymacro allows you to backup your documents, emails, videos, images and many other types of files in any type of format you want. You can backup your files on any type of media, on removable storage such as USB devices, DVDs, CD-RW disks, ISO files, Zip, RAR, and TAR archives, and even compressed files, like GZIP. Keymacro is a truly multi-purpose application that will protect and secure your files, back them up in any format, and create backup copies of your important files.
Keymacro is more than a simple file archiver. It also includes a powerful email archiver that will automatically backup all your incoming and outgoing email messages into a single location. Keymacro will allow you to filter and sort your messages by sender, recipient, date and type. You can even group your messages into a variety of categories to quickly view and read them all. Keymacro has many other options and features to help you archive your email messages.
Keymacro is the best file archiver and email archiver. With it you can backup your files in a variety of formats 384a16bd22

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Keymacro provides you with the same functionality as a graphical text editor, but in a more secure and convenient way. You can edit and/or create new keymap files, add new mappings, fix errors, and more.
Editing modes
This keymacro tool includes five editing modes, each of which is different in what they can do.
These are simply:
* View: Display the keymap in a text editor window.
* Edit: Edit the current keymap in an already opened text editor window.
* Create: Create a new keymap file in a text editor window.
* Convert: Convert an existing keymap file into another format.
* Symlink: Convert an existing keymap file into a symbolic link.
The application itself is quite simple, but at times, a few things might be difficult to figure out. We recommend that you read the documentation before you begin to use the software.
What you can do with it
The keymacro software can be used in order to:
* Edit existing keymap files.
* Create new keymap files.
* View keymaps.
* Create new mappings.
* Import/export mappings.
* View the current keymap.
* Export the current keymap in a different format.
* Create/convert keymap files.
* Add new mappings to keymaps.
* Convert keymaps between different formats.
* Convert keymaps into a symbolic link.
* Export the current keymap as a symbolic link.
* View the most recent log messages.
* Edit the current keymap in an already opened text editor window.
* View/edit/create new keymaps.
* Convert existing keymap files into other formats.
* Export existing keymaps as a different format.
* Convert keymap files into a symbolic link.
* Create/edit new mappings in the current keymap.
* Import/export mappings from keymaps.
* Convert mappings in the current keymap into a symbolic link.
* Edit/convert existing keymaps.
* Export keymap files as a symbolic link.
* Convert keymap files into a symbolic link.
* Export the current keymap as a different format.
What’s new
Besides the software’s basic functions, it also has a number of features which are great to have:
* Add/edit new mappings in a

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