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KEYMACRO is a freeware 2-in-1 software that combines the functionality of a simple keylogger and a macro recorder. The program collects any keystroke activity, which can then be recorded and repeated on command.

User Guide:
Press Start/OK to start the Macro Recorder. It can be used to record any combination of mouse movements, key presses and clipboard activities.
Press Enter to start recording. If you run the Macro Recorder as a background application, the program can always keep track of any activity that you perform.

Enter the macro command to assign it to a macro key, press Enter again to start recording the macro. The program also records all the actions that you perform while performing the macro, which can be used later.

If you press Escape to stop recording, the macro will also be deleted.
You can assign macros to any keyboard or mouse shortcuts. Simply press the shortcut key and press Enter to run the macro.

It is possible to make the macro repeat. Simply press the Record button again to start the recording.

We recommend installing a new keyboard and mouse for testing the macros before using them in a production environment. It’s a good idea to store the new keyboard and mouse in a different location from where you use the computer. If you don’t, you may accidentally perform the same actions using the keyboard and mouse that you did during the testing.

Furthermore, you can copy and paste any text or file and perform formatting using the Macro Recorder.

MacroRecorder Key Features:
Macros can be assigned to any keyboard shortcut or any combination of the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys.
They can be assigned to any shortcut, or a whole collection of shortcuts can be recorded in a macro.

Macros can be run from any keyboard shortcut.

Macros can be copied to the clipboard so they can be pasted anywhere.

Macros can be recorded anywhere, using the Ctrl+Shift+N hotkeys or the Macro Recorder.

You can use the macro recorder to record the movements of the mouse cursor.

A macro can be assigned to any combination of the Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys.

A macro can be run from any keyboard shortcut.

You can record a macro using the mouse, or press the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to cycle through the various cursor functions. 384a16bd22

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Unabridged version of an easy to use macro recorder.
Editing a macro
The ability to edit and save any set of keyboard shortcuts in macro format
Recording any set of keyboard shortcuts
The ability to play a recorded macro
The ability to pause and continue recording.
Keymacro’s advanced features:
The ability to pause a recording
The ability to save and view a recording.
Starting, stopping, and pausing macros while they are running.
A UI that looks like Wordpad.
Detailed information about each macro.
Using Keymacro to create macros for the current app and all other Windows apps.
A one click conversion to HTML.
The ability to add macros from other macros in the file
Keymacro can save macros for all your Windows apps and all of your Windows apps at once.
Keymacro is an excellent tool for those of you who need to write simple macros for the Windows Sidebar.
Windows Sidebar is an application launcher for Windows 7, that adds quick access to programs, websites, and other icons to the Windows 7 start menu. Gadget Creator is designed to build gadgets that can be placed in the Windows Sidebar.
Easy to use interface with familiar look
Gadget Creator is easy to use and takes only a few minutes to get up and running. It has a pleasant user interface with a large and uncluttered window that presents a list of sample gadgets from which you can choose.
You can open, edit, save, export and view any of the gadgets.
Inside this window, you can easily see the active gadget. The basic things you want to know are:
-the gadget’s name, which is also the gadget’s title
-the gadget’s description
-the gadget’s version
-the gadget’s assigned image
-the gadget’s copyright
-the gadget’s logic
-the gadget’s output folder
If you click on the checkbox, you can easily display the actual HTML, JS and CSS source files and the picture associated with the gadget.
This way, you can see all the coding in the files and edit it right away.
The syntax highlighting and code assistance are tools that help you along. These allow you to easily spot the logic and coding errors when you make changes to the source files.
Gadget Creator features:
-HTML, JS and CSS support
-The ability to edit the code inline
-The ability to execute snippets
-A simple

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