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Avast Decryption Tool for Crypt888 is a security software that can help you restore your computer to its original state if it is locked by the Crypt888 ransomware.

FTP Recorder
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FTP Recorder (Free) is a completely free program that can help you record your entire FTP sessions, including the upload and download of each file, all of the required details such as the date and time, and even the page you were viewing before logging in and logging out.
There is a significant level of flexibility and customization available that allows you to further tailor this software to your specific needs. For instance, you can select which log file(s) to keep and what file type you are most comfortable with, so that you can make the most effective use of your log files.
Note: This software can only be used for recording FTP sessions and it cannot be used to schedule files to be downloaded and stored automatically.
Main Features
Recording any FTP session including the upload and download of all files
Capture complete details such as the date and time, IP address, page viewed before login, log in username and password, and log out username and password
Supports all popular operating systems, such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
Option to edit individual log file entry by adding, editing, and deleting the required details
Ability to encrypt and decrypt all log files by using 256-bit AES encryption
Ability to select any file type for file-by-file upload and download
Ability to select log files to be uploaded and downloaded
Ability to select log files to be encrypted and decrypted automatically
Ability to save FTP log files to local computer in multiple locations
Ability to capture any FTP client, such as the Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer browsers
Ability to add custom messages to each log file
Ability to change the default log file name
Ability to select custom log file name
Automatically detect all log files for recording
Ability to set log file locations in different directories (by default the log files will be saved in the root folder)
Supports drag and drop to move log files to the desired locations
Supports batch recording of FTP log files
Supports TCP and SSL security
Supports HTTP connections and FTP downloads
Supports the HTML log format
Supports the logging system provided by Apache (mod_log_access)
Support for HTTP, FTP, HTTP+, and FTP eea19f52d2

Create a password-protected, encrypted, secure volume for storing your files and data.
Now you can securely store your documents, photos, videos, databases and more in a hidden volume that only you can access. BestCrypt Volume Encryption will give you a strong sense of security and peace of mind by protecting your confidential data from anyone else who happens to have access to your computer.
For use with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
How to secure your volume with BestCrypt Volume Encryption:
* 1. The first thing you need to do is choose a storage option.
* Choose whether you want to use a simple or an advanced option.
* Choose between using an AES 256-bit, a SRP-5, a RC6 256-bit or a SERPENT 256-bit encryption algorithm.
* Choose whether or not you want to require a password upon boot-up.
* Choose whether you want to encrypt the entire volume or just one partition of the drive.
* Press “Next” to proceed to the next step.
* 1b. Then you will be prompted to input a strong password.
* This will be the password you will need to enter in order to access the volume.
* Press “Next” to continue.
* 1c. The next screen shows how many keys you need in order to create the encryption algorithm.
* Press “Next” to continue.
* 1d. Then you will be asked to input some random keys.
* Press “Next” to continue.
* 1e. Once all your inputted keys are assembled, it will be used to create a secure encryption algorithm.
* Press “Next” to continue.
* 1f. Then you will be prompted to set a password to protect your volume upon each system reboot.
* This will be the password that you will need to enter in order to access the volume.
* Press “Next” to continue.
* 1g. Now your encrypted volume will be created and available.
* Your encrypted volume can now be opened or removed.
* Press “Finish” to close the program.
* Remove or close the program, and you are done.
* 1h. You will now be able to access the secured volume.
* Simply enter the password you chose and your volume will be unlocked.
* You can now go ahead and enjoy your secure volume.
BestCrypt Volume Encryption is the property and copyright

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