SolarWinds Network Device Monitor [Mac/Win] (Final 2022)

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor is a handy piece of software designed with the ability to monitor more than just network status, availability, bandwidth, and errors.
With Network Device Monitor, you can monitor virtually any statistic that your network devices can record, including:
* Interface traffic
* CPU temperature
* Addressing errors
* UPS battery status
* Current connections to a website
Network Device Monitor collects realtime data associated with object identifiers (OIDs) stored on your network devices. As a result, Network Device Monitor can retrieve data for nearly any conceivable network metric.









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– “SolarWinds Network Device Monitor Cracked 2022 Latest Version” is a free, easy-to-use program designed to monitor your network for errors and alert you if any occur.
– Network Device Monitor displays the status and performance of your network devices by monitoring traffic between them and by monitoring some relevant device settings.
– Network Device Monitor keeps a log of event occurrences and monitors nearly any network statistic, such as bandwidth, errors, and available interfaces.
– Network Device Monitor reports on all kinds of network problems, from slow performance to connection problems.
– Network Device Monitor provides a range of reporting and analysis features to help you resolve the problems found, and export the data to common file formats such as HTML, CSV, and XML.
– Network Device Monitor can report on almost anything you care about, including network status, available interfaces, network device errors, and more.
– Network Device Monitor is a free download, and installs quickly.
– Network Device Monitor works with SolarWinds Network Device Manager and other SolarWinds products.
Version 1.1.0 – August 6, 2008
– Added ‘Interface Connections’ tab (In the Status section of the main report)
– Added ‘Customer Logs’ tab (In the Status section of the main report)
– Added ‘Failed Login Attempts’ value to the ‘Network Status’ field.
– Added ‘Interface Link’ field to the ‘Interface Connections’ tab.
– Added ‘Ethernet’ and ‘WAN’ status fields to the ‘Interface Connections’ tab.
– Added ‘WAN Status’ and ‘Ethernet Status’ fields to the ‘Interface Connections’ tab.
– Added the ability to export to PDF, HTML, and CSV in the ‘Reports’ section of the main menu.
– Added ‘Field Search Options’ to the ‘Customize Report’ tab.
– Added ‘Modify Field Options’ to the ‘Customize Report’ tab.
– Added ‘Field Type’ option to the ‘Customize Report’ tab.
– Added ‘Enable Field Scanning’ to the ‘Customize Report’ tab.
– Added ‘Data Scanning Options’ to the ‘Customize Report’ tab.
– Added ‘Firmware Version’ to the ‘Field Options’ tab.
– Added ‘Configuration Status’ and ‘Interface Status’ tabs to the ‘Device Status’ field.
– Added ‘Network Status’ field to the ‘Device Status’ field.

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Network Security Description:
Network Device Monitor offers many ways to prevent unauthorized access to your network resources, including:
* 802.1x authentication
* Authentication using RADIUS or TACACS
* AES encryption
* VPN connections
* SSL certificates
Network Device Monitor can also be used to investigate and resolve potential network problems.
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SolarWinds Network Device Monitor Crack+ Download

– View available or missing NICs
– View additional NIC statistics
– View UPS statistics for all networked devices
– View host/client details
– Configure or modify UPS settings
– Monitor UPS battery voltage
– See details for any storage device
– Alert if UPS battery is critically low
– See IP addresses for any device on the network
– View the Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with any device
– Check if the web server is up
– View Network Interface Details
– View Service Status
– See detailed fault history
– View system performance
– View system counters
– Clear network related counters
– Monitor network throughput
– Monitor network latency
– Monitor network errors
– Monitor network responses
– View network device information
– Monitor host CPU usage
– Check network connection status
– Turn off or turn on hosts
– Verify host uptime
– View DNS records
– Identify dead hosts
– Check if hosts are up
– Modify host settings
– Check host status
– See host status
– Switch from standby to active mode
– Turn off or turn on hosts
– Change host power status
– View host uptime
– View network interface MAC addresses
– Check network address information
– Clear network counters
– View active connections
– View idle connections
– Show or hide active connections
– View number of TCP sessions
– View the TCP session status
– See the IP address
– See a list of active TCP connections
– Identify the status of each TCP connection
– Turn off or turn on network devices
– Monitor a specific network device
– Create a saved query
– Create a saved query that sends data to a designated device
– Extract files from the UPS
– Download the battery charge data from the UPS
– Compare a specific saved query with the last saved query
– Create a list of saved queries
– See system configuration information
– View the XML data for the UPS
– Save or delete an XML data
– See the current XML data
– See the XML data for the last saved query
– See the XML data for all saved queries
– See the XML data for all queries
– View hardware statistics for a selected network device
– View internal statistics for a selected network device
– Clear the monitoring of a specific network device
– Display or hide hosts
– Compare the OIDs for hosts with the last saved query
– Compare the OIDs for hosts with all saved queries
– Display

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System Requirements:

Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
1 GHz or faster
1024 x 768 display
800 MB disk space
Java SE 1.7 or higher
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