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Citizenship for Sale on Russian Economy

For the government, the immigration law is not only a way to improve a country’s political, economic and social integration, but also a way to gain new social groups and “atract foreign investments”. To this end, the Russian government provides special benefits to “aliens with high-tech skills”.

Citizenship is a statement of belonging and loyalty to a country. Citizenship is a legal status or affiliation conferred by a state on an individual, or on an individual by a state. Citizenship may be associated with other rights and privileges, such as the right to be elected to public office, and the right to vote in a referendum. Citizenship is a fundamental human right.

By most definitions, citizenship is both a right and a duty, and it is derived from the state. Yet, the state may grant citizenship to individuals, voluntarily or involuntarily, or refuse it to individuals. Citizenship is typically granted to children or dependent family members, but it may also be granted to stateless individuals and non-nationals. Citizenship, either natural or acquired, is often linked with the concept of national sovereignty. Citizenship rights vary depending on the respective countries and countries have the power to revoke citizenship rights in the case of treason or criminal activities, as well as to strip dual citizens of their nationality.

Citizenship is conferred in different ways, such as through birth, naturalization (acquisition of citizenship by accepting the rules of a sovereign state), voluntary renunciation of citizenship of another country (abandonment), or inheritance. Citizenship is also differentiated in the various meanings of the term.

A state is a sovereign state, a nation state, or sometimes a federated or confederated state. The exercise of sovereign power is almost always limited to a state (also referred to as a country, state, or country-state).

A national or naturalized citizen is a citizen of a state. Alternatively, a stateless person is a citizen of a state that does not recognize them as a national.

A dual citizen is someone who holds a citizenship in two countries.

Birthright citizenship is the term for the guarantee that a baby born in a country is a citizen. It is a human right.

In general, you acquire the state’s citizenship through birth or naturalization. However, if you are not born in that state, you acquire citizenship either through:

Those who enter the state as aliens and later naturalize as

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