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SequenceViewer includes the DNAViewer and RepeatsViewer tools.
These Windows based computer applications create graphical images from text DNA sequences in Fasta format.
The images created by the tool can help in identifying repeating patterns, letter concentrations in different regions and possibly give clues about the DNA physical structure.

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This application permits to identify repeating patterns, letter concentrations in different regions and can give clues about the DNA physical structure. Sequences in Fasta format are required.

The tool can be used standalone or in batch mode.

SequenceViewer Features:

– Automatically identifies repeating patterns, letter concentrations in different regions and can give clues about the DNA physical structure.
– Visualization of the results in the form of a simple 2D graph or as a hierarchical outline.
– Save results in an easy to read format.
– Interface is built on top of the free powerful graph drawing library (GD) and accepts mouse clicks to navigate the graph or select symbols.
– Fasta and FASTA formatted sequences are supported as input.
– All or some of the repeating patterns, letter concentrations or hints about the DNA physical structure can be eliminated.
– Supports exporting and saving the results in a format suitable for data exchange.

SequenceViewer is open source, and available on the Google Code page.

A program for sequence motif analysis using an original representation by a mathematical vector space (a.k.a. fingerprint).
It is intended as an industrial tool for the assessment of chemical similarities between polypeptides or proteins in a database.


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SequenceViewer Free Registration Code Free Download [Mac/Win]

SequenceViewer is a program used to view DNA sequences in a graphics environment.
This tool was created to facilitate the creation of graphical images of sequences for study by investigators who may have a moderate knowledge of molecular biology.
This tool is designed to simplify the creation of graphics for DNA sequences stored as text files.
Graphical Images of sequences can be created by copying and pasting the text of a sequence in the appropriate text window, and then using the commands to graphically create a DNA sequence image.
This tool can also read text sequences from Quick Sequences text files created by other software.
SequenceViewer Features:
SequenceViewer can generate sequence graphics from text sequences in FASTA and qseq formats using various options and using a wide range of DNA repeat motifs to create sequence images.
Use Repeat Wizard to generate sequence graphics from DNA repeat motifs as listed in the RepeatsViewer.
Create sequence graphics from DNA sequence text as listed in the TextSeqViewer using the commands in the View menu.
Color the letters of a sequence text window using the color manager in the Edit menu.
Use the Freezer, Rotate and Zoom functions from the View menu to change how a sequence image is displayed.
The Graphics can be saved as a jpg, gif, bmp or png file.
The width and height of the sequence image can be adjusted using the Properties window in the File menu.
This tool is free for non-commercial use.
Your feedback is appreciated.
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What’s New in the SequenceViewer?

This tool is a Windows-based program for the analysis and the visualization of DNA sequences.
It is easy to use and integrates a graphical viewer for DNA sequences in Fasta format.
The tool includes:
• The “DNAViewer” tool for the visualization of the sequences.
• The “RepeatsViewer” tool for the identification of repetitive patterns.

Tool Name:

Help and Support


Start Matlab and wait till you get an error, then run the tool.


You need Matlab R2010b or R2010a or R2008b or R2008a or earlier to use this tool.



Matlab License:

This tool comes with the basic license. However, you can get additional licenses for free with a more powerful license.
You can contact the author of this tool for information.


Due to space limitations, some of the tools may have
limited access to include all features that are available to the

Tools that may be included with this download:

About Toolbox

The tools in this toolbox are designed to process and generate biological sequence data that is stored in a text file in FASTA format. It comes with a suite of tools that are used for the analysis and the visualization of the DNA sequences. It can also process sequences in FASTA format that are stored in the MD5 compressed format.

Sequence Analysis:

Bioinformatic tools in this toolbox are used to analyze biological sequences that are stored in text files in FASTA format. They include tools for read and query sequence, find nucleotide composition, find genetic codes, find and analyze open reading frame (ORF) sequences and find and generate PSSM (Position Specific Scoring Matrix).

Search Sequence:

The “Sequence Search” tool is used to search for and find a sequence pattern in the sequences stored in a text file in FASTA format. The tool uses a regular expression pattern search for this purpose. You can also search for a sequence pattern with wildcard characters in the pattern.

De novo sequence assembly:

The “De novo sequence assembly” tool is used to assemble a sequence that is not known before. It uses the sequences from a dataset for the de novo assembly. The tool tries to find all possible combinations and then it selects the combination that gives the best match with the sequences in the dataset. You can also control the number of mismatches allowed and the minimum length of the sequence that is used for the assembly.

Graphical and Textual User Interface:

The “Graphical User Interface” tool includes the visualization and viewing of the DNA sequences. It includes tools for:

view and analyze the sequences in the window format

System Requirements For SequenceViewer:

Windows 7
Mac OSX 10.7 or later
A good internet connection
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