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I have a blog, called NETAGELOT : or and I thought this post might interest some of the readers. I have been on the Internet for over 20 years, and have recently turned my attention to the field of psychopdhycology. I have studied a lot of different people with this focus. Here are the results of my research and a professional opinion.
Boris PASHA :
Behind the curtain of the chief of secret police,  ,  Pascha Lefort (Beirut, 5 October 2009).
All information that currently exist on this subject comes from Franz MÜLLER,  ,  .
According to him, it is enough to read his book, to conclude that Paul was the person writing the New Testament. And that he certainly knew Jesus of Nazareth, and it also named his son as Eliakim.
A few lines below I have written a summary of his book .
Boris PASHA  , « A Historical Analysis of Christology ».
First published in 2008 in  ,  ,  .
It was translated into English by  , but the author doesn’t pay any attention to the translation.
Like all his books, this one is a call for violence.
Don’t be fooled by the (weak) arguments.
All that is offered here is a puff of a story
moulded to serve a purpose.
Take, for example, the paragraphs where Mr. Pashas quotes Peter’s dictum  ,  ,  .
He mentions that it is well-known, but he actually quotes it for the first time in Mr. Pashas’ book.
He quotes it in the context of proof of the existance of one person
He first admits it (at p. 24, lines 14-15) doesn’t prove anything.
He claims it is a proof the name of the person called “Yeshua” and the apostles are  ,  ,  .
He tries to argue this is also proof of Jewish origin
and the existence of the 1st century.
He says the apostles as a group was


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