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Robo 3T [Updated]

Robo 3T is a powerful and flexible desktop application for MongoDB. It features a lightweight and stable interface, which lets you browse documents in a tree-like explorer, edit them, insert new documents and run any code from the command-line.
* Works with MongoDB database
* Lightweight and stable user interface
* Explorer view
* Fast and easy-to-use interface
* Integrated JSON validator for inserting and editing documents
* Internal command-line interface
* License: GPL 2.0.
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FileNotFoundException in Oracle on WebLogic

I’m using Oracle with WebLogic I’m getting the following exception when accessing the files (inside WEB-INF) specified in the following “configuration” file:





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The application’s main feature is to display a keyboard macro. It works like a virtual one, acting as a macro recorder of your choice.
There are two modes of operation: editor and shell. When you are in the editor mode, you will not be able to make any changes to a document, but only record keystrokes. On the other hand, when you are in the shell mode, you can both record and edit.
KEYMACRO has a highly customizable input and output system. If you have different keyboards with different layouts, the application allows you to add or remove the ones that are not used, change keyboard shortcut assignments, or configure any other configuration you see fit.
Also, you can customize the operation of the keyboard macros. For example, you can assign a shortcut to the “Remove First Character” command. For maximum flexibility, you can also define any number of buttons or modifiers, as well as, the output format to any of the following: text, file, variable, list, row, and cell.
Finally, there is a built-in system of searching and filtering. If you want to run a search with keywords, whether you want to select all documents that contain a keyword or search based on specific attributes, KEYMACRO can accommodate your wishes.
To sum up, this application has a pretty powerful list of features, to be honest, I don’t know how it compares to other applications. You can change the output format, the keyboard shortcut assignments, add or remove buttons, modifiers and the like, without ever having to leave the GUI.

Big data is huge and massive amount of data is growing everyday. The team behind the Big Data community are fighting a war against the illegal use of data. One of the fastest growing areas of the big data industry is the development of machine learning and deep learning algorithms and how they can be used to interpret and use the data they have access to. Data is getting more important than ever and we are seeing the effects of big data technology everyday.
KiteAPI is a big data company that wants to help big data users by offering high-performance cloud computing solutions to process big data. They are also supporting the evolution of the big data stack by offering enterprise grade big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and Cassandra. They offer a full stack of products including Big Data Platform (Hadoop, HDFS, Spark), Big Data API, Machine Learning and Text Analytics, Data Visualization, and Data Integration. They are also able

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The Robot 3T is a GUI tool for managing documents in MongoDB databases. It lets users edit documents in a way that is much faster and easier than using the terminal console, and it provides all the features of the MongoDB server.

This app is available on F-Droid. You can install it using an application manager of your choice, such as F-droid, or by using the following steps:
Open F-Droid, press Menu->Settings.
Enter proxy settings for your system, if necessary.
Press “More” and enter “robot-3t”.
Click the green “Install” button and follow the instructions.
Instructions on compiling the app can be found here:
Compiling documentation or sources for your language is available here:

Karn, the Free terminal emulator. Provides advanced text, file, clipboard and clipboard manager features, search functions, and much more.
⚠️ Note: Some features (like moving files from one device to another) may not work because of permissions issues on the android emulator.
Install instructions
Open terminal emulator on your device and install the following.
⚠️ If you are using Android Studio, you may be prompted to install the SDK by the terminal emulator. Select Yes, install and follow the instructions.
curl -s | sh

Emulator Services

OpenKonto is a popular open source project with more than 50k downloads. It provides the most comprehensive financial and accounting functionality for Android devices. It is easy to use, fully customizable, and even supports multiple languages.
? Paid features
? Features:
✔ Free Transactions: Add multiple transactions to your account, view all transactions and add notes to each of them.
✔ Accounting: Keep track of your transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals and payments.
✔ Billing: Easily handle payments, keep track of customer invoice numbers and easily manage your subscription (data plan).
✔ Receipts: Create and print receipts, manage different receipts types and handle payments for each.
✔ Chart of Accounts: See the accounts structure, create accounts and keep track of them.
✔ Currency Conversion: Easily view and convert any currency.
✔ Currency Converter: Easily convert any amount in any currency.
✔ Statistics: Keep track of sales, purchases, deposits and more

What’s New in the Robo 3T?

System Requirements:

-Windows 7 or later
-A minimum of 2 GB of memory (RAM)
-20 GB of available hard disk space
-A DirectX 11 compatible video card (AMD or Nvidia)
-A DirectX 11 compatible driver
I was recently searching for something to do with these not-so-cool-anymore Vulkan-based fancy PC’s and one came up on Steam, by the name of The Lost. It was a 2.5D side-scroller that I downloaded and, after playing for a while, I realized I could

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