Revit 2008 Download __EXCLUSIVE__

Revit 2008 Download __EXCLUSIVE__


Revit 2008 Download

As shipped, Autodesk Revit 2008 only supports DWF 2B. For Revit 2008, for DWF3-compatible software, a newer driver is available. DXF Files are not DWF. They are a proprietary standard of their own. The newest DXF format was released in Nov 2005 and is named DXF 2009. Autodesk shipped the DXF 2009 version 4.1 driver on Jan 24, 2008 with AutoCAD 2008.

There is a DXF driver that will support DXF 2009 versions as well. An example is shown below. You can see that for DXF2009, the driver reports the DWF version as 9. If you look at the copyright notice, you will see that the first year of support for DXF 2009 is Oct 2009.

The second column is a comparison to the DXF2009 driver version that was released in Design Review 2008. You can see that version 4.1 supports both DXF 2009 and 2008. DXF 2009 is much more popular as a DXF format, however. The Design Review 2008 DXF 2009 driver is the most up-to-date of the three DXF 2009 drivers for Autodesk products.

In Oct 2006, Revit became the first AutoCAD 2009 application to ship. This was a great historical moment in the history of AutoCAD. The first thing we did was to do a new DWF driver for Revit. A month later, Autodesk Design Review 2008 and DWFx driver shipped. Also, a few days later, Autodesk AutoCAD 2009 shipped.


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