Renault True Code Chomikuj 🔹

Renault True Code Chomikuj 🔹


Renault True Code Chomikuj

Thanks for your reply. When I called the service center they said that Renault Talisman does not need a new radio but a new software and with this update they would give me a new radio. I will let you know when I get the updated software. If there will be any other problems will be glad to know about it.

I have updated my Renault Talisman Rlink2 from version 2.2.17 to 3.3.17 using the update files you sent me but after that I Faces picture problem. Picture is not available in the menus like my drive mode or 360 radar or whatever but there is sound command working. After I updated, picture never had an image. And my radio and stereo are not working. Can you help?

Thank you. Just one more things, after update using korean website. Music command from the radio button. I can play the music in korean language. But how can we disable Hainan(Chinese) language when the radio is on. we can’t use two language at the same time and I really hate Chinese language from outside.

Renault true code Assistant is a free app provided by Renault that allows you to discover the correct code 3 to 5 days before it expires (Lig 1, Lig 2, Lig 3, All 6 digits). This service is provided free of charge.

You can start the program on the following devices : Partner app on Samsung S7 & S8, Galaxy Note, Nexus Player, Galaxy S6 & S6 edge, Pixel, Nexus 9 & 10, Tab 3, IFA TP DL500, Jumper 3, Tab A, Tab S2 and Quirky Q80.


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