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IceCream PDF Editor is a free PDF tool to create and edit PDF documents.
– You can view PDF documents, extract text, edit text, crop and rotate pages, annotate, fill in forms, print and more.
– No need for expensive Adobe Acrobat software, or the hassle of complicated conversion processes, IceCream PDF Editor opens and edits PDF documents natively on Windows.
– All settings and properties can be customized.
– Multiple files can be opened at the same time and are kept open while you work on them.
– You can also convert PDF documents to PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF and TIF images with no data loss.
– It supports all document encryption levels.
– You can set new passwords for all PDF documents, including forms.
– Lock a PDF document to protect it from unauthorised edits.
– Copy and print PDF documents.
– Zoom, rotate and crop pages.
– Add signatures, stamps and highlighters to text.
– As you browse documents, you can choose to open a particular file using multi-tab preview.
– Open documents in single-page, double-page, full-screen or multi-window mode.
– Customize display options such as font size and text color.
– Use the on-screen keyboard for text input.
– Navigate through all PDF documents with arrows, page numbers and current document position.
– Review and edit properties of all pages in the document.
– Bookmark all PDF documents for easy navigation.
– Import PDF files with attachments and external metadata such as keywords.
– Add or remove watermarks, stamps and signatures.
– Create PDF documents with multiple pages, fill in forms, extract text, rotate, crop and watermark them.
– Print PDF documents.
– You can also extract text, fill in forms and crop pages.
– Quickly insert text into the text boxes, draw lines, circles, arrows, rectangles and more.
– Add text to existing documents by selecting all the text, or to a new document by choosing the page.
– Customize properties of objects, such as color, size, opacity, and more.
– You can also delete objects, change the orientation of the page, scale, add annotations, and manage page permissions.
– PDF documents can be viewed on a single page, double page or full-screen.
– Scaling works for any page size.
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The application can be easily installed and even run on older operating systems. It has a modern interface, although the feel it presents is that of an old-fashioned one. Creating patient’s records is relatively easy, though using the default functions may not be that simple.

Every resident should be aware of what happens in their hospital during their absence. In order to do this, you will need a comprehensive Electronic Record Management System.
The purpose of an Electronic Record Management System is to provide a suitable platform for recording all your patients’ data. The application should also include a means of reporting your patients’ past medical history, as well as being able to print out copies of patient records.
The program allows for documentation of everything that goes on at your hospital, and you will be able to track down all the details that you need using a few mouse clicks. As such, the application will enable you to take advantage of your hospital’s patient database, which will greatly increase the efficiency of your practice.
What’s more, you should find the patient’s record management feature intuitive, since the user interface should be easy to understand, which is what users should expect. You may not find it to be as user friendly as more modern apps, but the system does work very effectively, and comes with a decent set of features.
Create, edit, or modify patient records
The program gives you the ability to create new patients by filling in the required fields, with patient number, first, middle, and last name, age, marital status, occupation, phone number, nationality, and more being some of the details that you should add.
As mentioned earlier, the program allows for the documentation of past medical history, so all details such as hospitalisation, operations, diagnoses, and charges are easily added, and should be easily retrievable using filters.
Alternatively, you can also print out patient records in a few clicks, which should not be that hard if you know how to use a computer.
In order to meet the basic needs of a hospital, a good Electronic Record Management System should not be difficult to use. Its interface should be clear and functional, and a clear set of features should be offered to the users.

When it comes to the records of your patients, having a robust Electronic Record Management System should be the way to go. However, you will find that not every hospital has one, and for many it comes down to the fact that the application has not been

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