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Aug 30, 2020
Argos sonar is a 12kHz, autonomous multibeam sonar. The Argos sonar was developed with early Multibeam sonar users in mind, with the optimum performance suited to mobile systems. Argos sonar is a successor to the more legacy-oriented Samson MARIS and V1 MARS.
The first Argos systems were installed at Schramm Engineering in 2005. There are now many more installations in the marine industry, as well as operators in the mining and gas industry, for example Chevron, Shell, and BHP.
Argos sonar users are now able to display their FLS bathymetric data in the Qinsy platform along with the rest of the survey data they are .
QINSy is a feature-rich, industry leading software package used for hydrographic data acquisition, navigation, and processing.
QPS QINSy is a software suite used for many types of maritime geomatic surveys, ranging from simple single beam surveys up to the very complex offshore .
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M Bsc – Electronics Engineer with experience in both Survey and Geoinformation Technology
M Bsc – Electronics Engineer with experience in both Survey and Geoinformation Technology
Certificate IV in Spatial Science, Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Specialised Coastal Engineering
Professional membership of the Institution of Engineers


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