PS2 – SCPH39001.bin

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PS2 – SCPH39001.bin


Playstation 2 – SCPH-10000 (Sony)
Powered Up
Supports previous
Core modification
Yes (modified core, 100% possible)
No (modified core, 0% possible)
I have changed that for every BIOS file I have which I have found here, which should be valid.
Oct 1, 2018
Hi, I downloaded a PS2 BIOS to use the PS2 core but so far the 3 games I. scph39001.MEC. scph39001.NVM. SCPH-70004_BIOS_V12_PAL_200.BIN.

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PlayStation 2 BIOS (U)(v1.6)(2002-02-07)[SCPH39001].mec.
Dec 3, 2019
Support any PS2 cartridge since the Cx2368 BIOS (JAP) for tool has been released. PS2 compatible (and backwards compatible) PSX, PS2 and PS1 bios for any PS2 BIOS/RAM.
There are three different versions of the SCPH39001 BIOS:. I used version 1.6.bin. located on the PSP-Dev website. You can.Centurion: The Untold Story of Israel’s Brigades

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Time Out says

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Parse DateTime in PHP

I’m trying to parse the below time stamp in format:
Mon, 25 Oct 2013 09:30:00 GMT

which is in string format into DateTime object like below:
$dateTime = DateTime::createFromFormat(‘d, d M Y H:i:s T’, $timestamp);

I’ve tried the below format:
Mon, 25 Oct 2013 09:30:00 +00:00

But, it doesn’t work. Is it possible to parse this kind of time stamp in PHP?


This should work:
$date = DateTime::createFromFormat(‘D, d M Y H:i:s T’, ‘Mon, 25 Oct 2013 09:30:00 +00:00’);
echo $date->format(‘d, d M Y H:i:s T’);



How can I make a nice cross fade like this?

I’m trying

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