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– added more bookmarks for users who want to create their own folders
– added “Make all bookmarks to DashBack” option for users who have multiple browsers
– added option to import multiple folders (only on Chrome)
– Google Chrome
– Windows
How to Install DashBack Bookmark:
– open the Chrome Web Store from your Windows desktop and search for “DashBack Bookmark”.
– follow the steps to install it from the extension’s page.
How to Update DashBack Bookmark:
– Go to “Dashback Bookmark Settings”
– click on “Update” and wait for it to finish
The DashBack Bookmark Page:

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What is Moneydance? Moneydance is a personal finance management solution that allows you to track finances and exchange rates in real time. The program’s interface is modern and allows users to quickly access all the options and features. The program is easy to use and provides functions to manage different types of accounts, from credit cards to bank accounts, investments, utilities, taxes, etc.
Moneydance Review:
Moneydance is a personal finance management tool, allowing you to monitor your finances in real time. The application features a modern and easy to use interface, a comprehensive set of features, quick access to various tools and the ability to import and export information to a wide variety of file formats.
Moneydance Review: Pros
All the main tools are included in the Moneydance package, giving you a comprehensive view of all the account data.
The basic options and tools are easy to understand and navigate.
The interface is intuitive, and the application is very easy to navigate.
You can import and export data to a wide variety of file types.
The program offers tools that facilitate online banking, bill payment, investments and more.
Moneydance Cons
The costs for Moneydance are very high.
The program can require a lot of maintenance and time to perform all the tasks.
Moneydance for Windows 8:
Moneydance has a full version, Moneydance Personal, which has many more features. The full version is $79.99, the basic is free. Moneydance for Windows 8 is also available on Mac.

Moneydance is a reliable finances management program, which allows you to record transactions, monitor expenses and generate statistics graphs. The application features useful tools that facilitate online banking, bill payment, managing several accounts, monitoring budget evolution and investments.
Comprehensive overview on personal finances
Moneydance is a feature-packed application, with an intuitive interface and several graph generating tools. The program allows you to manage several accounts at the same time, create your own investments portfolio, as well as record transactions.
Moreover, you can set up the online banking tool, online bill payment and gather information from your general account website. You can easily reconcile each account by specifying the end statement and observing the evolution of the budget balance.
Each entry can be marked as unconfirmed, cleared as well as finalized payments in the past 30 or 60 days. The program allows you monitor payments in several currencies, securities and tax settings.
Budget reminders and graphs

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