Pedo Mom Fucks 7yo Son 56 ((INSTALL)) 💲

Pedo Mom Fucks 7yo Son 56 ((INSTALL)) 💲


Pedo Mom Fucks 7yo Son 56

My son aged 4 years and 3 months fell and knocked out his top front right tooth and the one to the right of it. The top front left tooth was wobbly initially but has become more secure since the accident occurred about 6 weeks ago, although the gum has receeded around the top of this tooth. I asked the dentist to look into a pedo partial but he advised against due to the risk of damage to other teeth which the denture would be attached to if my son was to fall again and impact on the fake teeth. The other reason was that it would probably be less than one year until the permanent teeth came through. I am, as you can probably image, unhappy with the appearance. My dentist said that it would be expected that without the baby teeth in place, for the permanent teeth to come through quicker, but I have read other comments online that the process is actually delayed. Can you offer any guidance as to when I can expect the teeth to come through. The middle tooth root had dissolved a little but the one on the tooth to the right if it was complete. His elder sister lost the same teeth naturally at 5 years 6 months and 6 years 1 month. Also what are your views on dentures to replace missing baby teeth? Do you consider than safe? Many thanks for any guidance you can offer.


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