KEYMACRO is a utility used to convert Windows text files to Morse code. Users can use this utility to produce the Morse code for a text file which is a valid Windows text file.
This application provides users a means to convert text to Morse code. What makes this app different from other Morse code converting tools is that it supports use of any special characters, such as the hyphen and full stop. What it also allows users to do is specify the amount of time for the characters to flash.
The interface is very easy to use. Users simply select the destination text file and enter the text to be converted. The application will produce the Morse code corresponding to the text. Once this conversion is complete, the application will save the generated Morse code to the selected file.
The application has an extremely simple interface. The main program window consists of three tabs. The first tab is the source text file of the text to be converted. This is where users can enter the text which will then be converted. The second tab is the destination text file, where the resulting Morse code will be saved. Lastly, there is a preview window that users can use to view the generated Morse code.
The background of this program is to convert text into Morse code. There are two methods in which users can use this application. These are the visual and the audio.
The visual method uses the default settings, which is the flash method. In this method, the program will convert text into Morse code and display it on the screen for the user to view. Users will be able to specify how long the characters flash.
The visual method is the standard method that is used in most programs, and the default setting for this type of application. This option uses a flash of the Morse code character to indicate its position in the text.
The application also allows users to specify the amount of time that each character is displayed. This is done through a slider which allows the user to increase or decrease the amount of time for each character to flash. The application allows the user to set each character to flash for a certain amount of time, and the amount of time for the different characters to flash can be specified individually.
The audio method is more detailed than the visual method. This method uses the default settings. In this option, the application will convert text into Morse code and play it through the computer speaker. The audio method allows the user to specify how long each character is played.
The application allows the user to set each 384a16bd22

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Version: 3.3
Platform: Windows 7

Author: Philipp Skopec


“Great tool! I’ve been searching for a tool like this for a long time and I’m finally happy I found it. You won’t believe how good it is.”


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Daniel R. Lee

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Mark Rodriguez

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Shayne M.

“IP Info is a great tool for working with the IP address and host name on Windows. It’s very easy to use, and shows the current IP address in the system tray. Once the program has been launched, it shows the IP address and host name. It’s also possible to copy the IP address and host name to the clipboard and refresh the IP information manually to check for new information. The program doesn’t create registry entries, and it has a simple and elegant interface.”The processing of biofilm-associated peptidoglycan: effects on growth and antibacterial activity.
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