One Piece 3d Gekisou Trap Coaster [UPD]

One Piece 3d Gekisou Trap Coaster [UPD]

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One Piece 3d Gekisou Trap Coaster

The Sailor’s Six Fleet’s boats are prevented from going into the harbor by trap devices on the grounds of a bright red building. The Navy Officer approaches trap who refuses to talk with him. On the deck, Luffy stands beside Holly who suggests that they set up a closer relationship with this trap to avoid his “sign.” Luffy contemplates for a moment when Holly says that she will continue to avoid his trap signs. They search around slightly when trap reveals that long ago, his great-grandfather built this “trap tower” as a challenge for the navy, now the navy’s great-grandson is here and thinks he can make this thing fall down by himself. Holly asks what he thinks he can do, and he laughs. When he says that if it was his great-grandfather’s trap tower, the victims will probably be destroyed to make use of the mineral inside, the navy officer believes that is a lie and will proceed to check. Trap begins pushing his levers.

From inside the prison, the Straw Hat crew sees the Sunny sliding down the trap tower. Garp pouts in their place, before Nami’s cuts force open a window and the crew looks out to see the trap tower. Trap tells them that he now what he is doing. The Sunny slides down the tower and into the dugong statue’s mouth.

Inside the prison, on the top floor, the crew sees the crew of the Thousand Sunny struggling and wondering if help is coming. The crew comments on how they are going to what kind of traps? Luffy comments that it is a castle, the officer comments that it is a prison. Trap calls out to them as he is pushing his levers, revealing that they are next. As they begin to fight, the crew is amazed at the statue’s rock hard hide. While fighting, they discover that the statue’s mouth is surrounded by a pressure plate that they must step on.
The crew backs up and begins to fight more aggressively, with the statue moving its mouth. Trap pushes another lever and then another, and then another. The statue’s mouth is now closed, trapping the crew. They notice that there is an air hole in the statue’s mouth, and Punch activates it. Pressure holds the air in the statue’s mouth.


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