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You will love watching your PC screen blur, shimmer and glow with pink hues as you watch our lovely Rose falling stars move around your desktop.Watch as this unique screensaver merges into a beautiful sparkling rainbow of pink lights.

Sound of the Sea Screensaver is a free screensaver dedicated to the beautiful sea, the waves and the sea plants and animals. Although it may seem like a long work (over 50000 sounds), it includes many well-known sea sounds such as the sound of the breaking waves, the whales cry, the sea birds, the water slide in the tide and many more.
Sound of the Sea Screensaver Features:
– This screensaver includes a wide variety of beautiful sea sounds (water falling, breaking waves, seagulls, rain, thunder, the storm, wind, the rock drop into the sea, the tide, the fish, the dolphins, the sharks, the whales, the ship, the pirate ship, the ships sail, the ships sinking, the waves break the ship, and many more.)
– Also included in the sounds are many different sea plants and animals (sea plants, sea shell, squid, octopus, crabs, fish, jellyfish, sea stars, sea weed, sea urchins, sand worms, sea shells, and many more.)
– The sound of the sea will get you truly mesmerized.
– When the screensaver is activated, the sound of the waves will blend into a lullaby.
– The sounds of the sea are accompanied by images of the sea plants and animals as well as the sea plants and animals themselves.
– The images used are available in different sizes (they are divided into 3 different files)
– There are 4 different skins.
– You can change the skins of the image (the back drop) and the skin of the sound as you wish.

Landscape of Screensaver is a free screensaver that will show your desktop in a 3D landscape. If you have some useless wallpaper on your desktop, this screensaver is the solution.
Landscape of Screensaver Features:
– Landscape of Screensaver includes some images of landscape, some 3D scenery.
– To make this screensaver more attractive you can choose the landscape, trees and other images of your choice.
– The images included are a wide variety, ranging from the vast deserts, natural forests, ancient ruins, rain forests, to the sea of your choice.
– The landscape of eea19f52d2

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➤ Set your screen recording mode
➤ Support screen recording while

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