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This application allows you to use your Mac keyboard as a remote control.

*Constant keystrokes*

It is a simple utility that lets you define keystrokes with simple graphical interface.
You can either create macros that run on keyboard press or record macros with the playback feature and run them later.
You can also search for and find saved macros on the Mac OS X.


There are many configuration options, some are obvious like the keyboard layout or which keys are used to create macros, while others are less known, like changing the playback speed or hiding the floating window that displays macro keys.


This application comes with help documentation.



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The KeyMacro is simply a text file that you can add to your REBASICS application to add a keystroke functionality in your application. Currently, there are two types of keystrokes in the plugin, one that can be implemented as a default and one that is only optional and can be implemented by the user.
In order for the user to activate the KEYMACRO feature in the plugin, the user can include the plugin in the application, and can also add the file KeyMacro.txt.
The file contains an array of keystrokes that are used to interact with the application. Each keystroke is a series of keystrokes that contains:
Option 1: KeyMacro.opt.txt
keystroke a1 =”e”;
keystroke a2 =”q”;
keystroke a3 =”c”;
keystroke a4 =”t”;
keystroke a5 =”u”;
keystroke a6 =”d”;
keystroke a7 =”j”;
keystroke a8 =”h”;
keystroke a9 =”g”;
keystroke a10 =”f”;
keystroke a11 =”s”;
keystroke a12 =”n”;
keystroke a13 =”i”;
keystroke a14 =”r”;
keystroke a15 =”l”;
keystroke a16 =”p”;
keystroke a17 =”o”;
keystroke a18 =”b”;
keystroke a19 =”y”;
keystroke a20 =”a”;
keystroke a21 =”w”;
keystroke a22 =”r”;
keystroke a23 =”z”;
keystroke a24 =”s”;
keystroke a25 =”n”;
keystroke a26 =”d”;
keystroke a27 =”l”;
keystroke a28 =”m”;
keystroke a29 =”f”;
keystroke a30 =”a”;
keystroke a31 =”x”;
keystroke a32 =”a”;
keystroke a33 =”s”;
keystroke a34 =”e”;
keystroke a35 =”d”;
keystroke a36 =”m”;
keystroke a37 =”w”;
keystroke a38 =”y”;
keystroke a39 =”j”;
keystroke a40 =”g”;
keystroke a

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