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Macro expressions are to programming as macros are to painting. Use macros in your programs to simplify and speed-up repetitive tasks. In the web, you probably want to do the same to speed-up web development.
How Proximodo works:
Proximodo is a small program that “rides” your browser on your behalf. All the website’s messages and html are sent to Proximodo, and Proximodo decides how to process them.
To achieve this, Proximodo detects the website you are currently visiting and reads its html code. It then creates an exact copy of your browsing session, using cookies and cache entries from your browser, all hidden from the website itself. And when the website sends messages to your browser, Proximodo forwards these messages to the original website for it to process.
To return to the original website, Proximodo reads the same information from your browser and removes it. This process is made possible thanks to your browser’s cache entries that still store the original source code that Proximodo copied.
Let’s see how Proximodo works on your computer:
Open your web browser and try Proximodo for yourself.
If you don’t have Proximodo, download it from the extras section, either now or later, and run it.
When you use Proximodo, there is nothing to do. All you have to do is “jump” between your website and Proximodo.
The following steps explain how Proximodo works:
– When your browser requests a page, Proximodo receives the request and starts reading the html code from the website.
– At the same time, Proximodo is intercepting everything your browser does. Every site you visit, every link you click, every picture you see, and every script or page you load, Proximodo stores it for later.
– When you close your browser, the information that Proximodo collects is saved to your cache entries (available for a week by default).
– When Proximodo receives the website’s messages, it replays them to your browser and updates it with the information it got from Proximodo. It then forwards them to the website.
– To return to your website, Proximodo just needs to read the same information from your cache entries.
You can always check the information that Proximodo has collected by right- 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is an MS Office Add-In which provides you unlimited access to the keyboard and accelerators for Office programs.
Keyboard shortcuts are extremely useful for power users, but often ignored by users new to them.
Keyboard shortcuts reduce the amount of mouse clicks needed to complete common tasks, saving you time and increasing your productivity.
But using keyboard shortcuts to perform common tasks can be difficult and time consuming.
If you have never tried to use keyboard shortcuts in your office applications, you are missing out.
Keyboard shortcuts are a way to make your work easier and faster.
Being able to use keyboard shortcuts on your Windows computers will increase your productivity.
In most cases, working with the mouse is slower than working with keyboard shortcuts.
KEYMACRO will open up new doors for your productivity and help you to work faster.
Tutorials for using keyboard shortcuts:

Features of KeyMacro:
☑ Supports Word, PowerPoint and Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013
☑ Unlimited keyboard shortcuts.
☑ Manage over 600 key combinations.
☑ You can map a new key or key combination to the same key combination.
☑ Add comments to shortcuts.
☑ Lock/unlock shortcuts in groups.
☑ Customize keyboard shortcuts
☑ Store and load custom key combinations.
☑ Export and Import custom key combinations.
☑ Backup custom key shortcuts
☑ Enable/Disable shortcuts.
☑ Lock/Unlock shortcuts to the current active window.
☑ Shortcut format:
Shortcut: Ctrl+Letter
Type: Shift+Alt+Letter
Example: Ctrl+I
How to use KeyMacro in word:
1. Install KeyMacro.
2. Start word, Press Alt+G and then type KeyMacro.
How to use KeyMacro in PowerPoint:
1. Install KeyMacro.
2. Open PowerPoint, Press Alt+G and then type KeyMacro.
How to use KeyMacro in Outlook:
1. Install KeyMacro.
2. Open Outlook and Press Alt+G and then type KeyMacro.
How to use KeyMacro in Excel:
1. Install KeyMacro.
2. Open Excel and Press Alt+G and then type KeyMacro.
Keymacro details:
Keymacro is currently supporting Windows 7, Windows 8 and

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