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Considering that it can hold up to 2 GB of data, makes it easier to import new, includes multi-user support and it works well with many of the developing software programs based on Windows, it does not come as a surprise that some want to migrate their MySQL to Access.
As the name suggests, MSSQL-to-Access is a lightweight tool that enables you to convert the data from your MySQL to Microsoft Access in just a few steps.
Includes an intuitive wizard-like interface
The program does not have a setup per se, but rather it displays the details about the license and prompts you to agree before using the tool. Upon launch, you have the possibility to load any settings for your MySQL, so that you can access the database locally or remotely. It goes without saying that if you log remotely, you are required to add host and port for your server.
The interface is designed as a wizard, so even first-time users are unlikely to encounter any challenges. Therefore, follow the instructions and fill in the fields as indicated in each window and you are going to convert your data without any problems.
Select the tables and the tool converts them automatically
As far as the conversion is concerned, it can be summarized to selecting the database and then add the tables that you want to convert to the right panel. It is worth mentioning that the program allows you to add individual one or you can add or remove them all.
The application allows you to specify the format of Access you prefer and select whether you prefer to skip converting indexes, process table definitions only or BLOB to memo.
A useful utility for anyone working with multiple databases
In the eventuality that you are considering migrating to Access because it is a more .NET-friendly database and easy to integrate, then perhaps MSSQL-to-Access could lend you a hand.


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Converts your MySQL data to Access 2003 in one easy step!
Exports MySQL database data to Microsoft Access in several formats.
Select multiple database tables and export to Access in a single click.
Automatically converts table relationships and joins to Access tables, fields, and relationships.
Works with MySQL queries in order to export MySQL table data to Microsoft Access.
Optionally, you can:

Export your data to Microsoft Excel or text file.
Export your data to CSV file.
Convert an Access database into an MS Access SQL Server database.
Create an Access database from an Access database backup.
View details of the converted table or query.
Backup and restore your database.

The program is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and it comes as a free tool with an additional trial version included.

Free Convert Access DB to SQL Server in Access 2010

It’s a very simple application and you should be able to convert one Access database file to SQL Server database file with just a few clicks.

Convert Access DB to SQL Server Database

This free tool was designed to perform the conversion between Access DB and SQL Server database.
With this tool, you can import Access Database file to SQL Server database or export SQL Server database to Access Database file.
When you import Access DB to SQL Server, you can import table, query and form to SQL Server database with this tool.
When you export SQL Server database to Access DB, you can export table, query, form and subform to Access DB with this tool.


When converting Access DB to SQL Server database, if the table is already in the SQL Server database, the tool will overwrite the table in SQL Server.


When exporting SQL Server database to Access DB, if the SQL Server database has any tables that are not used by Access DB, the tool will also generate the tables in Access DB.


There is no tool provided for SQL Server database to SQL Server database conversion.


Import Access table, query, form, subform to SQL Server database.
Export SQL Server database to Access table, query, form, subform.
Export Access table, query, form, subform to Excel file.
Export SQL Server database to Excel file.
Add new SQL Server database with just a few clicks.
Delete SQL Server database with just a few clicks.

MSSQL-to-Access Free Download For PC

A Windows macro tool that enables you to create macros in Microsoft Word. A macro in Word is the set of code that enables you to do the most common of Word functions.
If you are currently a subscriber of the Premium edition of KeePass then you are aware that some of the functions that you want to perform in your password manager are going to be complicated and will require some sort of interface.
In the case of KeePass you are using the command-line interface (keygen) to create your database which is tedious and has a poor UX.
As such, a macro for KeePass would be a very welcomed addition to the tool.
Create KeePass macros using VBA and create macros for most functions and actions in KeePass
Create and save Macros (VBA) for both individual passwords or for entire KeePass databases
The ability to edit user-defined functions for KeePass databases
Support for KeePass databases and profiles
Supports all KeePass versions
Ability to use KeePass database styles
The ability to change the database creation/modification date and time
Supports Unicode data
Supports multi-line comments
Supports single line comments
Supports function blocks
The ability to specify the database type
The ability to specify the name of the macro as a parameter
Having worked on word document generation for a very long time I have noticed that there are some things that are very frustrating.
For example, when you have two fields that you wish to format identically, it can get very confusing and I would often get myself in a situation where the text would be half in one field and half in another.
This can be very hard to debug and frustrating for both the developer and the end user.
Using a VBA macro to generate a word document could be a very useful tool to take into consideration.
Supports generating word documents with VBA
Generates macros and then formats based on a configuration
Ability to identify the document template
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Reads current settings from the word document
The ability to view and edit the document properties
Having used the software application Load Data, I have had a lot of conversations with users of the software. I find that many of them are frustrated by how it works and how it is not as straight forward as it could be.
The simplest of use cases can result in a complex and convoluted process, which seems to be something that

MSSQL-to-Access License Code & Keygen [Updated] 2022

Access is a widely used database application and covers a wide range of application; from large databases with millions of rows to tiny databases with a few hundred rows.
There are multiple reasons why Access is popular. The ease of use is probably the largest factor. If you have worked with a desktop database application before, then you will be familiar with the tools in Access. Using the tools is like working with a well-designed database management system.
This ease of use is perfect if you are working with Access for the first time. Because the database is easy to navigate, you are able to focus on your business logic, while the tools make the work easier.
If your database has been designed using Microsoft Access, then the conversion process is even easier. The conversion process is very similar to what you would expect to see in Microsoft Access.
When the tool converts your database, it does not prompt you to make any changes to your schema or create new database objects. The conversion tool also does not alter the original data in your table.
Instead, the database is converted in its entirety, resulting in a database that can be used from Access. As such, all the data is accessible in the Access application and the existing database in the MySQL database engine.
Access is a popular choice for the following:
– Small and medium businesses
– Open source businesses
– Nontraditional businesses with legacy databases

Importing your data
Access is compatible with Microsoft Excel.
You can import your data into Access. You can import from a variety of sources. If you want to import data from an Access database, then you can import data by using the Import Wizard.
Alternatively, you can import data by using an Import Query wizard.
Access to MySQL
Access is compatible with MySQL.
You can import your data from Access to MySQL. This could be done by using MySQL drivers for Access.
In addition, you can import data from Access using ODBC for MySQL. You can use a query to import data.
Exporting your data
Access to MySQL
Access is compatible with MySQL.
You can export your data from Access to MySQL. This could be done by using ODBC for MySQL.
In addition, you can export your data using the Export Query Wizard.
Read and write data to MySQL
Access is compatible with MySQL.
You can export data to MySQL using the Export Query Wizard. You can use the Export Wizard to export data from Access.
Read and write data to MySQL
Access to

What’s New In?

In the old days, people used a standard.XML file format to make an exact duplicate of their MySql database on their SQL server and access it as a single database.
It has become a big problem for any company that has a complex database. Access (even on the web) can be painfully slow at times. It takes a lot of time and SQL expertise to design an efficient database for multiple tables. But why not skip the SQL expertise altogether and get a tool that will do the entire job for you in no time at all.
Access Data Generator is a good tool for this purpose. You can merge data from multiple tables in a single format like that:
XML – Access – MySQL Converter is a well-known utility used to convert an Access Database to a MySQL Database.
It is very easy to use and can be used for both Access 2003 and 2010.
Its professional tools can provide full access to any MySQL or Access database from Access 2007 through to Access 2016.
X-MySQL <-> X-MySQL provides to users who have lost their MySQL databases the opportunity to get their data back.
One of the most successful alternative databases is the Microsoft Access, because of its.NET technology, and you can easily use MySQL databases in this powerful software.
This powerful utility X-MySQL is the best solution for the development of MySQL databases, to convert MySQL to Microsoft Access databases.
Easy-to-Use Interface:
All the steps can be easily viewed from one single interface, so that even the people who have no background in programming can easily use this tool.
User Friendly <-> Generate Access database:
The software is so easy-to-use that even people with no programming knowledge can make good use of it.
Supports Access through the creation of new databases.
Multiple Tables:
This tool can be used for the conversion of all the tables in an Access database, regardless of the number of columns, the number of rows in the table.
Full Access Support:
With access to all functions of the tools, one can easily understand that they can create any database they want.
It creates database with GUI without installation of software.
Supports all the Microsoft Access databases.
Supports all the latest versions of Access from Access 2007 through to Access 2016.
Easy to use:
All the steps are displayed in an easy to understand language.
Gives Full access of all tools.
No Installation is required:
No installation of any kind is required.
One of the best solutions to the Access database.

Reviewed by
Tanmay Maurya.
Review posted
on Oct 21, 2016


Access-to-MySQL is the tool which you can use to convert Access database to MySQL database.
It is very easy to use and can

System Requirements For MSSQL-to-Access:

Can it run in linux, mac, xbox, ps3 and windows?
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