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A Chat Room where you can meet new people and connect with them in a fun, safe and interactive way.
Many different Chat Rooms, like Star Wars Chat, Lord of the Rings, The World of Warcraft, Community Chat, Pokémon Chat, Dungeons and Dragons Chat, Movie Chat, Games Chat, and so on.
A unique 3D Chat Room where you can customize your avatar, get cool offers and enjoy the Web.
The only instant messenger with a Chat Room experience like this.
IMVU Features:
IMVU™ is an instant messenger with a Web-based chat room built right in the application. No browser needed.
Create and customize your very own 3D avatar.
Chat with other IMVU members in our cool 3D chat rooms.
Search IMVU’s offers database to find great products, complete sets and cool offers.
A new IMVU registration is required for IMVU™ Chat room access. No additional IMVU registration is required.
IMVU is optimized for handheld devices with small screens (smartphones and PDAs). IMVU’s chat rooms may not work in full-screen mode on these devices.
IMVU is optimized for Internet Explorer® 7 and above, Safari®, Chrome® and Opera®. IMVU Chat room functionality does not work in Firefox®.
IMVU currently supports the Internet Explorer® 7 and above, Safari®, Chrome® and Opera® Web Browsers. IMVU Chat room functionality does not work in Firefox®.
IMVU currently supports the Windows® operating system. IMVU Chat room functionality does not work on Mac® or Linux®.
IMVU can be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection, including your computer, home and wireless router. IMVU Chat room functionality does not work on mobile phones or PDAs.
IMVU is free and easy to use. IMVU Chat room functionality requires a free IMVU account. IMVU is free to use for 1 chat room per user. If you sign up for more than 1 room, the free room will expire and the remaining rooms will require a paid account.
IMVU accounts can be created through online web registration or by connecting your existing account with IMVU.
IMVU has no storage space requirements; however, to maintain your IMVU account, you will need to provide a valid email address.
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The TN5250j telnet emulator allows you to work with the 5250 datastream. You can connect to the system and work with it as if it were a real 5250 terminal. You can perform a multitude of tasks, such as print the status of the screen, make changes to the configuration, open the log file, log on and log off, monitor data from the system, connect to another terminal, send an e-mail message, export data to the AS400 host, execute macros, make configuration changes, view the HEX map of ASCII characters, add hot spots, and more. TN5250j has got a lot of features to offer, and you’ll find it at your disposal. Use the emulator to study the terminal’s commands, and see how your programs interact with the system.

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TN5250j is a Telnet emulator developed in Java that comes packed with advanced features for the 5250 datastream.
Different modes to work with
There are three modes available for working with the emulator, Basic that most emulators have implemented, Enhanced (it integrates masked edit fields, cursor progression fields and other handy features), as well as GUI mode for turning the bland green-screen into a Windows GUI. Plus, you can make use of command-line options.
Key features bundled in the emulator
It comes with a set of notable features for revealing non-displayable characters (a correct format for data that looks like 5250 stream commands) and working with a character counter (so you can check out the number of characters for a bounded area).
Additionally, you can make use of several features, such message notifications when a task is ended, hot spots, keyboard shortcuts, attribute settings for screen/session, file transfer from host, as well as script writing capabilities for the Python language.
Configuration settings
TN5250j gives you the possibility to check out a list with all default key bindings for performing different actions, such as connect or disconnect the terminal, print data, display attributes, copy/paste data, reveal messages, enable a new session, transfer files, as well as go to the next or previous session.
There’s also support for right-click options on sessions, namely copy/paste data, print the information, work with macros, export data, manage connections and close the current session.
Furthermore, you are allowed to issue a system request to the AS400 system, display a HEX map of ASCII


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