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– Visual Paradigm XMI editor – Generates, modifies and saves OWL 2 (RDFS and IRI-based) and OWL Lite (rdf:+triples and OWL Full) ontology, visualizing it in the XMI editor.
– Microsoft Visio 2010 XMI editor – Generates, modifies and saves OWL 2 (RDFS and IRI-based) and OWL Lite (rdf:+triples and OWL Full) ontology, visualizing it in the Microsoft Visio 2010 XMI editor.
– ArgoUML XMI editor – Generates, modifies and saves OWL 2 (RDFS and IRI-based) and OWL Lite (rdf:+triples and OWL Full) ontology, visualizing it in the ArgoUML XMI editor.
KEYMACRO Download:

For those of you who want to migrate from the XMI Editor to VISIO 2010 and ArgoUML, this tool will help.
Migrating from XMI to Visio 2010 requires some changes in the XMI schema and the generation of the target classes.
Similarly, the conversion to OWL requires some changes in the source classes.
For this reason, the Migrator uses the following steps:

The first step involves the correct mapping of classes.

The second step involves the mapping of properties.

The third step involves the correction of inconsistencies in the source.

In the fourth step, it is applied the mapping of the annotations.

The fifth step is applied to the class properties and then the visualizations are performed.

So far, this has been a translation from the.XMI files into the following formats:
– XMI1.0 (OGIF)
– XMI2.1 (OML)
– XMI2.1 (XMI2.1)
– XMI2.1 (IGR)
– XMI2.1 (IFW)
– XMI2.1 (NBF)
– XMI2.1 (UDN)
– XMI2.1 (OBN)
– XMI2.1 (OBX)
– XMI2.1 (ONT)
– XMI2.1 (VMD)
– XMI2 d82f892c90

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Did Sauron send the Nazgul back to Middle-Earth in Galadriel’s dream?

Galadriel’s dream in “The Lord of the Rings”:

And they were in the form of mists, and they came before her, and she thought that they were Sauron himself, the Enemy. And she saw in their faces the perversion of the creatures of Mordor; and they said to her, “Of what are you afraid, Galadriel? The dark has gone from us, the shadows are fled, and we have no care. We are no longer the servants of Sauron; we are the servants of the rings.”

I’m wondering if Sauron sent the Nazgul back to Middle-Earth in this dream.


It’s possible. The Necromancer was in possession of the One Ring, and Sauron could easily manipulate it with the Nazgûl.
This passage is one of many that suggest Sauron still controlled the Nazgûl at some point:

Still it was not his fault, for the Power of the One, in his heart and in his hands, had been

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