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The program is easy to use and even simple to use. Just add files to the selection list, then select them and hit the (Ctrl+M). The program will automatically find the correct video, audio or multi-file format. The program is very fast and even supports text files.
■ The program supports various user data and also supports multiplexed videos. Reads one or more video files and produces one or more files. Reads one or more audio files and produces one or more files. Reads all or a subset of the data in a file and produce multiple files.
■ Automatic file extension
■ Runs on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98 and Windows 2000
■ The most current Windows Media Player and Real Player plug-in compatible version
■ Also works with most programs that support IPTC metadata, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


Fireworks handles this for you. The format for including the metadata is the same for all of its applications, including Dreamweaver.

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Let v(g) be the second derivative of g**4/12 + 2*g**3/3 + g**2/2 + 2*g. Let q be v(-4). Let i(r) = -r + r**2 – 3*r**2 + 0*r**2. Give i(q).
Let x be (-2)/5*(-3 – 2). Let m(w) = -x*w – 2*w + 4*w. Determine m(-3).
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PixiTracker is a lightweight application designed for people who have little time to test out complex music creating tools but would still like to create music. The idea behind the utility is to provide you a straightforward way to come up with chiptunes, sketches or just experiment with sounds.
Create tracks or experiment with music without previous knowledge
You will be happy to learn that the application is quite intuitive and it is unlikely you will encounter any issues regardless of your experience with similar apps. Since it employs a pattern-based sequencer or a tracker made of symbols instead of actual notes, it can make it easier for you to track the notes and follow the composition.
As you would expect, the program comes with several packs with unique sounds that you can add to your composition. Therefore, take the time to listen to all of them and create a pattern that is suitable for your musical project. Then again, if you do not find the sound you need for your composition, then do not forget that you can record the sounds yourself. The sound recorded works equally well with the microphone or line-in as well as via a MIDI device.
Speaking of MIDI, the app provides a relatively extended support and is compatible with various systems from Audiobus, IAA, ASIO, MME, ALSA, OSS and DirectSound.
A straightforward tool for anyone who wants to get started with music creation
Once you are done with the creative part, you can export the new sound to WAV file format. If the project is not finished, then you can import the same file and continue working on it on your next session. Alternatively, the program lets you export to XM, a file format that can be loaded by most modern tracker or player.
All in all, PixiTracker is a simple and forthright utility that can come in handy for anyone who wants to experiment with music and creating sounds but does not have the time or knowledge to delve into more advanced software solutions.
KEYMACRO Controls:
Track Length: A slider that allows you to select a length of the track
Playback Speed: A slider that lets you control the playback speed of the song
Loading Speed: A slider that lets you control how quickly the new sound is loaded into the sequencer
Designation: A picker that lets you pick a name for the sound to export it
Note Drawings: A picker that lets you pick a symbol that represents the sound
Keyboard: A text field that lets you record sound


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