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The F# Core Library contains functions that support the core language, and includes commonly used utilities such as collection classes, control constructs for asynchronous programming and event-driven programming, message passing, formatted I/O, native pointers, and language quotations.
F# is a programming language that provides support for functional programming as well as traditional object-oriented and imperative (procedural) programming. The Visual F# product provides support for developing F# applications or extending other .NET applications with F# code. F# is a first class member of the .NET family of languages and retains a strong resemblance to the ML family of functional languages.
The Visual F# product includes the F# library with many useful functions and types, including APIs for collections such as lists, arrays, maps, sets and sequences. The F# library also supports reflection, events and formatted I/O.
In addition, the F# library includes support for asynchronous workflows to support parallel computations, and mechanisms for communicating among parallel workflows. For more information, see Asynchronous Workflows (F#), Control.Async Class (F#) and Control.MailboxProcessor(‘Msg) Class (F#).







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System Requirements:

16bit Sound Card or Emulator (48Khz is recommended)
3.1GHz Dual Core or faster processor
2 GB RAM or more
2 GB available hard disk space
1280 x 800 resolution monitor
100 MB of free space in the hard disk
Wine version 1.0.1 and above
Internet Explorer 10 and above
Game releases in the ESP format
* This version works on Windows Vista and Windows 7.
* In the

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