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KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro manager for the Mac OS X operating system. This lightweight application let you create keyboard macros that can be launched by pressing a single key combination.
Mousing Over the application icon will display an auto-running version of KEYMACRO that lets you create macro codes for custom key combinations to launch your applications, launch commands, or perform other actions.
Macro codes are similar to the shortcuts you use to open Web sites in your browser. Once created, your macros are stored in the application’s database and can be recalled by pressing the key combination that was chosen while creating the code.
MKey is one of the main features provided by KEYMACRO. It is a small application that is designed to help users use MKey for their needs.
The application offers several features such as drag-and-drop functionality, the ability to directly modify macros, a keyboard manager, and custom MKey profiles.
A simple code editor is provided for modifying the existing macros you have created. You can also select shortcuts to replace the application’s defaults.
If you create a new MKey profile, you can set it as the default to make it appear on your keyboard shortcuts.
This application is ideal for users that need to create a collection of macros without resorting to any other solutions.
* Create and edit keyboard macros
* A simple editor that lets you edit existing macros
* The ability to directly modify a macro using the mouse
* A keyboard manager that lets you see all the macros that you have created
* Drag-and-drop functionality that lets you move and copy the macros
* The ability to launch your favorite applications
* The option to customize the keyboard shortcuts of the application
* Built-in profiles for use with the application
* The ability to modify existing profiles
* A simple interface
* A keyboard manager
* The ability to add keyboard shortcuts
* A macro manager
* The ability to launch applications
* Allows you to edit existing profiles
* The ability to add new profiles
* A simple toolbar
* Drag-and-drop functionality
* The option to customize the keyboard shortcuts of the application
Keyboard editor screen shots:
Keyboard code editor screen shot:
* You can change the color of the code editing interface by right clicking on the area of the screen that displays the key you are currently editing.
* Once the key is pressed, the application will open another editor for the code.
* When the 384a16bd22

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There are two types of Portable User ID’s (PUID): Embedded PUID and Detached PUID. The Embedded PUID is embedded in a RIDC resource. The Detached PUID is a PUID that is not associated with any RIDC.
An embedded PUID is tied to a particular node and cannot be moved to another one. The PUID is attached to the node’s resource and only that particular node can communicate with other nodes through that resource.
Portable User ID (PUID) is the…

Portable User ID (PUID) is the name given to an identity that can be used in a Mirth Connect user interface.
For instance, we might have a test server called ‘#01’. This server runs our product and we can connect to it remotely to check everything is OK. It would make sense for us to connect to this server using a username and password rather than having to keep providing the credentials every time we want to use the system. The username…

The DMS proxy concept is widely used for monitoring and reporting purposes to connect directly to Mirth Connect’s UDP server and change the reporting information and limit the number of requests. DMS proxies are also used to connect to Oracle Fusion Mobile Cloud.
Since DMS proxies can work without any changes to your Mirth Connect server, you can use a proxy to monitor and report from any remote location, rather than having to be…

The Portal Administrator can be used to configure and create new portals.
The administrator login is an Admin account which has to be created separately.
Each new portal that is created will be identified by the Portal ID.
An admin can add up to 100 portals.
The Portal ID’s are created using the method: /portals/add.
The Portal IDs that are created can be found in the admin portal using the method: /portals.
A portal can be used to…

The Portal User can be used to connect to a portal that has been previously configured.
The login to the portal user is the same as the login for an admin.
The login for the portal user can be found in the admin portal using the method: /users/list.
The portal user can be found in the admin portal using the method: /portals/users.
A portal user is a member of a portal.
The portlets

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