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KeyMacro is a keyboard shortcut tool which will make your work more efficient and intuitive.
KeyMacro runs under all versions of Windows and on any operating system which supports the Windows API.
In addition to that, KeyMacro can save and restore keyboard shortcuts through its own configuration files, which makes it a very flexible tool.
Save your keyboard shortcuts in any format:
• A configuration file can be created for each separate application.
• A file can be saved by copying a predefined set of keyboard shortcuts.
• When the set of keyboard shortcuts is saved to a predefined format, KeyMacro will create a new configuration file with a predefined set of keyboard shortcuts.
KeyMacro configuration files are text files and can be edited using a simple text editor.
KeyMacro features:
• Change the keyboard shortcuts in a single program at once:
– Change the keyboard shortcuts in a single program by assigning the key macros.
• Save and restore keyboard shortcuts:
– You can save your current keyboard shortcuts into a configuration file.
– You can save all the keyboard shortcuts of all the applications into a single file.
– You can save and restore all the keyboard shortcuts for one program.
• Keyboard shortcuts configuration:
– KeyMacro is fully compatible with all the Windows keyboards.
– You can assign a shortcut for any keyboard layout.
– You can assign a single keyboard shortcut for any combo of keys.
– You can assign a separate shortcut for any key or key combination.
– You can create shortcuts using the Windows Keys or the NumLock key.
– You can change the shortcut assigned to the NumLock key or the Windows Keys.
• Create shortcut files:
– KeyMacro allows you to create new shortcut files by choosing an existing shortcut and clicking the “Create shortcut file” button.
– You can set a default shortcut by creating a shortcut file.
– You can create shortcut files in a folder.
– You can save a shortcut file in any format.
• Clipboard and clipboard history:
– KeyMacro allows you to copy the current keyboard shortcuts to the clipboard or paste them into the clipboard.
– KeyMacro allows you to copy the current keyboard shortcuts to the clipboard or paste them into the clipboard.
• Windows Key mapping:
– With the Windows Key + 1 to 9 buttons you can change the keyboard shortcuts for the open Windows controls (the buttons on the taskbar and the search box).
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With this add-on you can create macros in Keynote.
With KeyMacro you can record and playback any Keynote presentation or paragraph. You can define a range of slides in the Keynote and the macro will automatically play slides. You can adjust the playback speed, add or skip slides, you can even add text boxes and images.
To go even further, the KeyMacro is compatible with other apps for recording and playback, including Siri, ScreenFlow and Keynote.
After updating to 2.2.3-Beta1 or higher you can automatically append a password at the end of the Keynote password.

X-Strike-AutoRenew 1.0.1 Description:
If your iTunes account is set to auto-renew, and your subscription will be charged automatically in 24 hours, you can trigger a new subscription instead by using the X-Strike-AutoRenew App.

Easy-Chat 1.7.2 Description:
With Easy-Chat you can quickly add an image and text to your chat messages.
It’s a fast and simple way to show your friends and colleagues your appreciation.

1st Tag Machine – Scan and Organize Your Photos with Scissors 1.1 Description:
1st Tag Machine is a photo management software that scans your photos, and makes your life easier.
The best part of this software is it organizes your pictures into a personalized folder, and let you rename them, preview them, and quickly share them.
You can also make your pictures more interesting by extracting the EXIF data.
To install, just drag it to your applications folder.

PowerAlfresco – Management and Customization 1.9.1 Description:
PowerAlfresco is a powerful, open source, Alfresco web-based management console. It is designed to allow Alfresco administrators to oversee the Alfresco instance from one location and to customize and optimize all the features of Alfresco.

Alfresco Scheduler – Scalable Alfresco Workflow Engine 1.5 Description:
Alfresco Workflow Engine is a scalable, multithreaded, object-oriented workflow engine developed by Alfresco Software.
It works with Alfresco CMS, Alfresco Community and Alfresco Enterprise so that you can use it for your own applications.

SSH Scanner 3.6 Description:

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