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MYSQL-BOOT 2.0.4 Description:
This is the most recent version of the most famous database library for PHP.

PHP Code Sniffer Description:
PHP Code Sniffer is a tool that is able to check the syntax of existing PHP source code against a list of coding rules.

PHP Composer Description:
PHP Composer is a tool which allows you to install, update and uninstall PHP packages.

PHP Gettext Extension Description:
This extension provides the Gettext functions from the GNU gettext package.

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PHP HTML Comment is a code which allows you to tag comments and code blocks in any document.Q:

Check if the OAuth2 client ID is in local storage

I have the following scenario.
User opens a web page, for which I need to display a list of items. Each item must be displayed after the user has logged in.
I have created an API that does the login and also generates the OAuth 2 Client ID (hidden). When the user clicks to go to the next page, the web application will load from localStorage the OAuth 2 client ID, and make the API call that generates the items.
Everything works fine, but I am curious about one thing:
Is there a way for the web application to check if the OAuth 2 client ID was already in localStorage? Or is it considered bad practice to store the OAuth 2 client ID in localStorage?


Is there a way for the web application to check if the OAuth 2 client ID was already in localStorage? Or is it considered bad practice to store the OAuth 2 client ID in localStorage?

Yes, the API can check if the ID was in localStorage. If it wasn’t, it will generate a new one and store it in localStorage.
The other way around is that you can retrieve the stored OAuth 2 Client ID from localStorage and use it to perform the OAuth 2 authentication.
If you want to see how the API can do this, just use the Google API Explorer and then hit the OAuth 2 Test button. It will authenticate you and give you the access token.


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