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The Electron Config Calculator is an app that will calculate the electron configuration for you.
The electron configuration is how many electrons are in the outer shell and what kind of orbitals they are in.
Element Reference:
element Atomic Number:
Click on the element above to find out the atomic number of it.
Choose Elements:
Click on the element above to show all the elements below it.
Choose From Library:
Choose the element from the elements you want to calculate.
Choose Element Length:
Choose how long you want to calculate the element.
Click on the Calculate button to find out the electron configuration of your chosen element.

Calculate value of chemical bonds and ionic bond

The bonds in molecules of a chemical compound form a chemical bond. The strength of this bond depends on the shape of the orbitals and the distance between the atoms.

Since the energy of the bond is defined by the sum of the kinetic energies of the electrons that are on the atoms that are part of the bond. If the orbitals of the two atoms overlap, the two atoms will form a covalent bond with the electrons on the overlapping atoms bonding together.

If there is a large distance between the atoms, the electrons on the atoms will not be able to interact with each other, and a non-bonded state will occur.

We calculate the ionic and covalent bond energy of molecules by summing the energy of the two atoms in the molecule. This is done by simply multiplying the number of electrons on each atom by the energy required to take an electron from the lowest energy orbital and put it into the next higher orbital, since the sum of the two will give the energy required to combine the two atoms.

You can also change the calculation method for different elements, as well as select the bond distances.

Calculate the atomic radius

By studying the atomic radius, we can gain a better understanding of the position of electrons around the nucleus. The radius of an atom is defined as the distance between the nucleus and the outermost electron.

The radius of the atom is also dependent on the number of electrons in the outermost shell, as it also defines the position of the electrons in the shell. It is also used to calculate the electro-negativity of atoms.

To determine the atomic radius, the number of electrons in the outermost shell is subtracted from the number of


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