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KeyMacro is a nice little Windows program that allows you to use a keyboard macro with just one press of a button. It features three main pages where you can configure it, and three others where you can record your favorite key presses.
Powerfull features
If you’re one of those people who write lots of macros in your Windows programs, you might want to take a look at KeyMacro.
KeyMacro allows you to record your favorite key presses.
In addition to all the options that you might find in a keyboard driver, such as macros, modifiers and sticky keys, KeyMacro also has two additional features that are highly recommended.
The first one is called “multi-active” and it allows you to record multiple keys at once. You can record as many buttons that you want as a single command by using this option, simply type in the name of the buttons and the program will do the rest.
The second one is called “modifier keys”, and it allows you to record a modifier key along with a key to create something more useful. If you press shift and F2 for example, it will launch the windows calculator.
I found that these features were very useful for me and I recommend you to give it a try.
Other features
The program has a handy configuration window that allows you to save and reset macro settings. It also allows you to copy a macro to the clipboard, create a new one from the keyboard’s memory or copy one to the clipboard.
The application allows you to change between the three main pages and the other three pages are accessible using a simple menu.
All the options that I’ve mentioned are intuitively placed on each of the three main pages and all the settings are self explanatory.
Apart from that, there are three main tabs, one for the keyboard settings, one for macro recording and another one for macro playback.
The keyboard settings allow you to configure how the keyboard buttons behave, how they can be pushed or double clicked and how to define the modifier keys.
Macro recording
It allows you to record a key press on the keyboard that will launch the program or an action from the program itself.
There are two modes available, both of them work the same way but the difference is that the first one stores a command in the keyboard’s memory while the second one records the keypress in a different file.
Macro playback
It allows you to record a macro and then play it back. It might be useful if you want 45cee15e9a

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KeyMACRO is a multi-keyboard macro program that allows you to create custom macros. The program provides a user interface that helps you set up a sequence of keystrokes, defining the order in which the keys will be pressed. The application also allows you to save and recall macros, assign shortcuts and copy macros.
Best Macros Maker:
KeyMACRO can be used to create macros in several languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. In addition, the program supports multilingual (and therefore, macros) for any language that is available in the current installed version of Mac OS X. You can use this program to quickly create short and convenient custom commands for your needs.
Advanced Features:
KeyMACRO has several advanced features. For example, the program allows you to define the keys that are pressed in the selected keys, such as the Alt key, Control key or Shift key, so that you can use a single keyboard in Mac OS X. Moreover, it helps you to define a key as a modifier key so that the pressed key will not stop executing the macros.
Further, the program allows you to save macros in the queue, categories or folders. You may then recall and assign the saved macros to different macros (or categories) that you may save, create and manage them in the same way.
You can even assign a custom icon to a macro. For example, you can assign a specific icon to a macro that is assigned to a specific application.
Easy to use:
KeyMACRO is an intuitive program that allows you to easily create a sequence of customized keystrokes, as well as a shortcut. Moreover, it is easy to save, recall and modify existing macros.
Printable Macros:
You can print out a macro in order to save it for later use. You can then easily access the macro you just created, modify it and then print it out again.
Manage and edit macros:
KeyMACRO allows you to quickly manage and edit macros. For example, you can change and save the order of the keys. You can also change the key as a modifier or a stand-alone key.
Restore and adjust macros:
You may restore and adjust the macro that was printed and then save it again.
Macro Printing:
The program allows you to print a selected macro. You may even print the current macro or the whole macro queue.
Macro Categories:
You can define a category for macros that you save

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