Create shortcuts to folders on your computer in a jiffy

Use it to quickly change your desktop to a specific folder

Browse your computer folders faster and easier than ever

With this app, you can open and browse all of your folders and documents at the click of a button, without wasting any time. The app is designed to work with your computer, so you don’t have to waste time learning anything new.

FastFolders is a powerful desktop application that can quickly create new folders for your convenience. It does this by leveraging the Windows registry, which allows you to create quick shortcuts to folders.

For example, you can create shortcuts for a specific folder on your computer. This will help you jump to it quickly, without having to type the full path.

You can easily find out if there are shortcuts created for any folder on your computer using this app. It also lists all folders on your computer, with the ability to create shortcuts to all of them.

You can get started in a snap by just using the keyboard shortcuts, which is very convenient. As you can see from the screenshot, you can add up to a maximum of 10 folders.

Create shortcuts to folders on your computer in a jiffy

You can use this app to quickly change your desktop to a specific folder, or create shortcuts to specific folders, which will help you navigate your computer folders quicker and easier.

How to use this app

You can add shortcuts to your computer by using shortcuts or you can use the easy graphical interface.

In order to create shortcuts for your folders on your computer, use the keyboard shortcuts, which you can customize by right clicking on the icon.

When you right click on the icon, a context menu will appear, allowing you to perform all kinds of operations.

You can also use this app to create shortcuts to specific folders. To do this, simply select the specific folder to add shortcuts to, click on the icon, and then click on the Add icon.

By default, the app will create shortcuts for all of the folders on your computer, so you can create shortcuts to all of your folders and documents in a jiffy.

You can also add a button to your desktop, which will allow you to open a specific folder. You can then use the app to create a shortcut to this folder or you can choose to use the easy graphical interface to do this.

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It comes with a number of improvements to make the application more stable and user-friendly, even more than evasi0n. The developers have focused on a “clean” interface, so you won’t have to cope with a lot of menus or data to manage.
evasi0n 7 also comes with the option of auto-recovery, which allows you to start the recovery process without having to connect your device to iTunes. In order to trigger the auto-recovery, you need to select the word “Recovery”, from the app’s main menu.
Moreover, another convenience is the fact that it has a more intuitive settings option, which is accessible by swiping right on the main screen.
In addition to that, the developers have also included some performance-oriented features to the application. There’s an option for the user to switch off the animations, thus allowing the app to load more quickly and smoothly.
evasi0n7 is simple to use, and has no complicated menus to deal with.
evasi0n7 comes with an option to enable/disable the auto-recovery and the search bar, where you can type a word and find anything you want.
This makes the application’s interface more accessible, and the developers should be applauded for it.
evasi0n7 7 is basically a successor of evasi0n 7, which is basically a successor of evasi0n. There are not many reasons why you should run evasi0n7 as opposed to evasi0n.
Basically, evasi0n 7 is a successor of evasi0n 7.
Lastly, it’s also available in a free version for Windows and Mac, but unfortunately, it is not free to download.
P.S. If you are wondering if evasi0n 7 will work on iOS 7, the answer is yes!

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