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KeyMacro offers a very simple and straightforward experience for users to add macros to their Keyboard and Mouse Keys on Windows. KEYMACRO makes it a breeze to record short audio snippets and assign them to your favorite actions.
You can record up to 10 different snippets, each one lasting up to 10 seconds. You can then choose to assign them to any combination of actions, such as F4, F5, F7, F8, F9, F11, F12 and so on.
Additionally, you can choose to use the Macro Recorder for this purpose, though KeyMacro is capable of doing the same thing for you. Of course, you can also edit existing macros to better suit your needs.
Is it easy to use?
If you are looking for a straightforward experience, you will love KEYMACRO. It offers a simple interface, though users who are unfamiliar with macros might feel a bit lost at first.
That being said, the overall experience is quite straightforward, and it is super easy to record a snippet. We managed to complete our first macro in just a few minutes.
Afterwards, we were asked to set a name for the macro, which we did. The key thing to note here is that you will want to use short sounds for best results. After selecting an action, you can either assign it to the Key or assign it to the Mouse.
The final step was to assign the macro to a new hotkey combination. You can also search for shortcuts on your computer by name or title. Once the macro is set, you will be able to record a new snippet.
Is it effective?
Although KEYMACRO doesn’t offer the most extensive set of features, it definitely works and can be a great way to add macros to your keyboard without much hassle. It also works for both the Keyboard and Mouse Keys, so you can use it to create a macro that automates a task on either your PC’s keyboard or mouse.
Unfortunately, there is no way to manage the macros you’ve created, so you will need to do that by hand. The app is a great option for users who want to add macros to their keyboard.
Hotkeys to the rescue!
We should also mention that, while KEYMACRO has no dedicated team behind it, we are definitely fans of its creators, as they are the people behind Hotkeys. We mentioned them in our review of the best keyboard and mouse app, and they have managed to 384a16bd22

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■ Test X.400 Message for PA/AH/SMTP
■ Support SMTP, IMAP, POP3, and MAPI protocols
■ Collect or expand email list based on search criteria
■ Test email against a set of conditions to determine what action to take (delete, mark as failed, forward, etc)
■ Test email headers against a set of conditions to determine what action to take (delete, mark as failed, etc)
■ Allow extraction of email body into a variable
■ Find list management requests (subscribe, unsubscribe, remove, etc) in your POP mailbox
■ Find email addresses that resulted in failed messages
■ Delete matching messages
■ Leave other messages untouched for you to read, or redirect them to other addresses
■ Match rules with powerful matchers examining subject, body, from-address, or to-address
■ Reply to messages with text from any file (requires a licensed installation of Mailer)
■ Perform confirmed opt-in subscription requests (requires a licensed installation of Mailer)
■ Execute scripts in VBscript, JScript, or PHP to process email content ( requires PopMonger Gold )
■ Perform survey processing ( requires PopMonger Gold )
Copyright (C) 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 Charles Oliver
All rights reserved.
Licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3 (the “GPL”).

PopMonger is an email archiving program. The program runs from a DOS bootable floppy. PopMonger is based upon the Mach5 Mailer email archiving program and Mach5 Mailer Regular and Gold archiving programs.
The bootable floppy is required for use with POP3 or IMAP servers and for testing email with POP3 or IMAP servers prior to archiving the email. PopMonger has a DOS extender, so it can run from any DOS floppy.
You can use a bootable floppy of your choice or a virtual machine such as Virtual PC or Vmware. You can also use a “live CD” running from a USB flash drive or external hard drive to archive email.
The bootable floppy boots to the main Pop

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