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✓ Filters that filter out unnecessary information
✓ Enhanced E-book Printing
✓ Enhanced Scanning
✓ E-Books Optimizer
✓ Sparse scanning optimized
✓ Work smarter, not harder
✓ Subscriptions at your fingertips
✓ Connect to the cloud to get organized and share
✓ Have data safe, secure and always at your fingertips
✓ E-books editing tool
✓ Photos auto editing tool
✓ E-reader and a web page viewer
✓ E-books decoder
✓ Full text search
✓ PDF, PPT and MS Office formats support
✓ Drag and drop options
✓ Batch processing
✓ One click configuration
✓ Full PC admin capabilities
✓ Flexible grouping
✓ Organize all documents in your memory
✓ Create a group for every task
✓ Import files from the system
✓ Import from files and devices
✓ Import directly from the cloud
✓ Import from your email client
✓ Import from web pages
✓ Import from other applications
✓ Import from your Dropbox
✓ Import from your Google Drive
✓ Import from your SkyDrive
✓ Import from your Computer
✓ Import from your smartphone
✓ Export to the cloud
✓ Export to your email client
✓ Export to your Dropbox
✓ Export to your Google Drive
✓ Export to your SkyDrive
✓ Export to your Computer
✓ Export to your smartphone
✓ Print, send and store the files on your computer
✓ Edit your PDF files
✓ Back up your files
✓ Sync files on your phone or tablet
✓ Share your files with your employees and customers
✓ Access any file by its location in a list
✓ Edit your documents with our editor
✓ View your work in progress
✓ Create, change and delete your tables
✓ Import from and export to the web page PDF viewer
✓ Browse and sort through your documents
✓ Group your documents into folders
✓ Remove unnecessary files and folders
✓ Remove all folders and files and create a new root folder
✓ Edit and organize your photos
✓ Convert JPEG, GIF and TIFF files to PDF
✓ Edit your scanned images
✓ Create bookmarks and notes on your PDF documents
✓ Lock and protect your PDF files
✓ Delete, edit eea19f52d2


Photo Gadget Pro is a useful shell extension tool that adds image editing options to Windows Explorer.
Photo Gadget Pro can rotate, resize, crop and rename images, add a caption and/or frame, apply different effects and filters (grayscale, invert colors, sepia, flip horizontal/vertical) and carry out format conversions.
To use the program simply select image files to work with in Explorer’s window, right click the selection and choose an action from the context menu.
Supported image file formats are BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA and JPG with four levels of compression. You can set a target file size for resizing and conversions to JPG format and get lossless rotation on JPG files.
Crop function includes free rectangular selection, fixed size crop area and keep aspect option to constrain proportions while selecting crop area. When adding a caption you can choose between typing in text or using a graphics file.
Framing is simple, single or double outline where you set width and colors. Multiple file rename mask is provided with several options including an automatic counter.
If you have that kind of camera Photo Gadget Pro can also rotate images based on EXIF information.
Here are some key features of “Photo Gadget Pro”:
■ Works with JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA
■ JPG quality: low, medium, high, best
■ Rotate (lossless option for JPG)
■ Format conversion
■ Caption & frame
■ Effects/filters: grayscale, invert colors, sepia, flip
■ Cropping: free style, fixed size, keep aspect
■ 64-bit version available
■ 15 days trial

New features in version 1.5:
■ User customized buttons now have “hot keys”
■ New window: thumbnails of images and canvas with mouse right click on canvas to zoom in and out
■ New window: selections have labels
■ New window: “Select Objects” to add objects on images
■ New window: set picture/picture directory with “Path” input
■ New window: “Picture” to add pictures or background from picture directory
■ New window: “Picture” to set image size
■ New window: “Frame”


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