Gta 4 Setup.exe File 30

Gta 4 Setup.exe File 30


Gta 4 Setup.exe File 30

I’ve been having this problem for the past few days. I start the game up and my Microsoft Office 2010 is acting funny and freezes up. The registry keys AUTOEXEC.BAT and Autoexec2 are both not existent. It seems I cannot use a Vista widget.

i installed GTA 4 on my PC and it works fine except that the occassioneally it just freezes and nothing can be done, it is kinda hard to describe because it doesnt go into a screen and just all of a sudden stops and then it restarts but wont work. i have been searching for about two weeks now, and i can’t figure it out

Please help with the many errors I keep getting. I created a video of the error that occurs when trying to run the game. Sometimes I’d like to move a few extra frames. More than likely the error is caused by corrupt proxies and in that case I’ll also share a fix for that for the most part. Thanks guys!

I have recently played GTA San Andreas via my Xbox 360, and I created a shortcut to the shortcut, due to game pad issues, i just created a normal shortcut. The game won’t run, and when I open it says “cannot find specified file, and when I go to the directory specified it doesn’t exist. The error is:


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