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Productivity was our most important goal when developing JuiceBox 1.0. During this process, we kept track of more than 200 user suggestions, each adding its own unique feature.

JuiceBox 1.0 contains a wide range of features that make your life easier, including a user-friendly application interface, file browsing, search, listening and tagging. The program is highly customizable, as it allows you to have as much or as little control as you need.
And because this is a Mac-only program, you can rely on a reliable, intuitive and powerful interface that works regardless of your operating system.


Dealing with large audio files is no longer a problem as JuiceBox 1.0 provides a fast, powerful and reliable solution that allows you to process, tag and manipulate audio files. The multi-threaded engine ensures that you don’t have to wait around before you can start working on your files.

With JuiceBox 1.0, you can easily search for all your files and sort the search results by any criteria. This allows you to quickly find the file you’re looking for without having to resort to a sequential browsing. You can also view thumbnails for each result.

JuiceBox 1.0 also supports audio tagging. The application supports ID3, MP3-LAME and MP3-VBR tags. Both the album and artist information is supported by the application.

File editing is easy as you can easily cut, copy, paste and delete, as well as rename files. You can also insert a new audio track from the start of any existing file, or use the program’s built-in player to play any audio track in the program.

The engine is completely multi-threaded, which means that it does not depend on other applications for launching and creating files. This makes processing files much faster and more reliable.

JuiceBox 1.0 comes with numerous other features including real-time audio monitoring, built-in sound effect replacement, automatic volume normalization, the ability to mute and unmute individual channels, auto-save and many more.

Program Compatibility:

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS 10.6 and 10.5, Mac OS 9

System Requirements:

4 GB of available hard drive space

Requires at least Mac OS X 10.6.

File Size:

JuiceBox 1.0 is a small eea19f52d2

The key of this application is the capability of showing information in real time (without wait) in a graph form with details about modulation and time characteristics.
You can select as a display interface:
– Graphical representation of the signal
– Graphical representation of the signal and time characteristics
– Graphical representation of the signal and time characteristics and modulation
– Window with a button and a label with the label “Graph”
– Window with a button and a label with the label “Graph” and time characteristics

** This is a simplified view of the features. The complete version is available in the the RCExplorer application. **
The main aim of the program is to send any IR signal using remote control.
But, for best results, it is recommended to enter at least three times the channel and the code associated to the remote control, and to try different codes.
If the remote control is using code modulation, check the IR translation table. Some codes are not supported by the program.
The program is equipped with a powerful data base of remote controls.
If the code of the remote control is different from the RCExplorer code, it is possible to find similar remote control in the data base.
RCExplorer automatically tries to adjust the settings of the IR remote control you are using.

RCExplorer will find the remote control signal and show:
– The name and the mode of operation
– The name and the model of the remote control
– The user ID
– The battery of the remote control
– The time of sending / receiving
– The code and the data of the remote control

For example:
In the image below, you can see the remote control of my phone (kind of Sony from 2002)

You can send codes in two modes:
– send the command that you want to send using the buttons.
– using a menu from the program to choose a command.

The codes can be send using the buttons of the remote control (19 buttons) or directly from the keyboard.
For the “buttons” mode, you have to choose first the command you want to send.
You must know that the program can not make the same signal with different IR remote control.

However, if the remote control is not compatible, it is possible to try other codes for the remote control.


The support of the software and the maintenance of the project are free.
The free account is fully

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