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Combine multiple files into one with a unified title and metadata (creation and modification times, description, keywords).
KEYFEED Description:
Sort all of your videos by title, date, rating, description, keyword, and more!
Get a chance to take a look at your desktop with great built-in screenshots utility.
Quickly take a look at your desktop with a built-in quick screen tool.
AUDIORECORD Description:
Record any audio stream in real-time using the microphone or any device connected via USB.
BTSINFO Description:
Get information about BitTorrent traffic based on the IP address and connection method.
CHANGELOG Description:
ChangeLog.txt for version ‘X.X.X’ is available for all customers that purchased the product after 11/14/16.


There is a plethora of file converters, even a Windows app called Camtasia.
You just want to be sure that the format that you convert to is something that your computer can read or at least play without skipping frames. Most people who have a video-conversion program will recommend something that is specifically designed for converting video and not a conversion program designed for everything.
Also, depending on the output format you are trying to create you might get better results if you use a specific player, rather than just converting it and trying to play it on anything.


If you are trying to convert from one video format to another, you might like to try Handbrake. Handbrake offers a number of ways to convert video files, and is also able to add subtitles.

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Click to Enable/Disable Auto Captioning and to Enable/Disable Mouse Cursor Overlay.Click to Enable/Disable User Defined Hotkeys. Click to Enable/Disable the Status Bar and the Taskbar, and to Enable/Disable the Windows 7 Taskbar Buttons. Click to Enable/Disable the Feature Bar.Click to Enable/Disable Auto Relayout on Windows Update for Developers. Click to Enable/Disable Browser Hiding.Click to Enable/Disable the Settings (Ctrl+Alt+S).
Click to Enable/Disable the Quick Launch Tiles (Ctrl+T).Click to Enable/Disable the Display of the Wallpaper on the Desktop (Ctrl+O).Click to Enable/Disable the Auto Hide of Taskbar. Click to Enable/Disable the Maximized Windows.Click to Enable/Disable the Maximized Windows State. Click to Enable/Disable the Gutter.Click to Enable/Disable the Window Theme. Click to Enable/Disable the Aero Glass Effect. Click to Enable/Disable the Large Taskbar.Click to Enable/Disable the Quick Launch Animation. Click to Enable/Disable the Quick Launch States. Click to Enable/Disable the Quick Launch Entries. Click to Enable/Disable the Program Tray. Click to Enable/Disable the Desktop Gadgets. Click to Enable/Disable the Right-Click Text Preview. Click to Enable/Disable the Mouse Pointer on the Titlebar. Click to Enable/Disable the Snap to Position.
Click to Enable/Disable Mouse Pointer Overlay.Click to Enable/Disable the Icon Menu.Click to Enable/Disable the Tooltip.Click to Enable/Disable the Dockable Taskbar.Click to Enable/Disable the Aero FlipView.Click to Enable/Disable the FlipView.Click to Enable/Disable the Dockable Shortcut Tiles.Click to Enable/Disable the Dockable Applications.Click to Enable/Disable the Snap to Position.Click to Enable/Disable the Dockable Item Size.Click to Enable/Disable the Floating Tabs.Click to Enable/Disable the Fade to Taskbar.Click to Enable/Disable the Visual Styles.Click to Enable/Disable the Z-Order.Click to Enable/Disable the Iconified Start Menu.Click to Enable/Disable the Status Bar and the Taskbar.Click to Enable/Disable the Wallpaper Thumbnail.Click to Enable/Disable the Desktop Gadgets.Click to Enable/Disable the Shortcuts at the Start Menu.Click to Enable/Disable the Up Arrow.Click to Enable/Disable


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