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EA Install is an application designed to help you create installation packages for your MetaTrader Expert Advisors scripts. Using this tool, you are able to secure your projects using encryption and transfer them to multiple MetaTrader instances.
Step by step building procedure
EA Install displays a user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use. All the steps that are required to take in order to create the installer are made available in the main window in a side panel, while the rest of the space is occupied by the sections in which you enter the data and attach files.
One by one, you get to fill out the sections for ‘Project Info’, ‘Files’, ‘MetaTrader Options’, ‘License Agreement’, ‘Readme Info’, ‘What's New Info’, ‘Serial Numbers’ and other details meant to ensure a stable installer that is capable of safely delivering the files.
Create a license and serial number for the package
When using MetaTrader you’re working with sensitive data and personal information, let’s face it, it’s your work and you should be able to ensure it’s kept safe from unauthorized people. Scripts are the best example and having the means to protect them during distribution is important.
In this sense EA Install offers you the possibility to add a License Agreement to your installer to which future users must agree to before transferring the files to their computer. You can specify the terms and conditions of use and other legal issues. Moreover, if you feel that that doesn’t offer any guarantees, then you can generate a number of serial keys, one of which a future user needs to have in order to be able to complete the installation.
Create a custom MetaTrader script installer
Besides being able to add files and restrictions, you can also customize the icon and banner of the installer and even add translations, which make EA Install a very handy and practical tool.







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As an EA Install user, you have the ability to create your own metaTrader expert advisors script installer, you can add files, install restrictions and even add a License Agreement. Moreover, if you want to keep your script to be used on multiple servers, then you can generate a number of serial keys.


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The MACRO key is not a key that is used for the ‘Check MACRO’ feature.

The MACRO key is used to add a key to the MetaTrader binary prior to distribution.

The purpose of using the MACRO key is to ensure that the given key is available to all the other MetaTrader users.


Register MetaTrader as a TCP server – As of the release of MT4 4.0, MetaTrader 4.0 supports a TCP mode of operation. Before installation of the tt server, please ensure that the TTServer.exe has already been placed in the following directory: C:\Windows\system32\Macro\Win\RegisteredApps.


To install and run the tt server in METATRADER 4.0, go to Options – Console – Registered Apps – and select tt server.

KeyMACRO is an application for Metatrader and MT4, which can help you to automate the setup process. If you use an existing customer of Metatrader, you can create an installer that will install all the necessary components and rights. On the server side, this application is designed to provide user friendly integration and can take advantage of the scripting facilities.

With a simple user interface, you can quickly configure the installer for any customer or server and do the installations in parallel.

KeyMACRO is the result of comprehensive knowledge of Metatrader and experience in developing the server and client installations.

This feature is a system to create installer, which can install the necessary components and rights, etc.

After installing Metatrader, you can easily control the installation process.

KeyMACRO can also be used to create installer for the administrative server

Create a series of macros

By installing KeyMACRO, you can create any number of macros, it is possible to have multiple macros at the same time, each one has a unique name, script and/or parameter.

You can store macros in the folder: “Macro”.

When opening the macro, the view will show the macro script and parameter that is specified by the Metatrader binary.

After macro installation, the Metatrader binary will be registered and will be available to all the other Metatrader users.

KeyMACRO creates a script with the following structure:


EA Install 1.36 Download

• Compatible with Win XP, Win Vista, and Win 7 operating systems
• It’s a simple and quick tool for creating an installer to your MetaTrader scripts and exports
• EA Install supports decryption and encryption of files to be delivered to multiple MetaTrader clients
• You can encrypt files that are in use by default and assign them to specific client
• EA Install creates a license file for you and allows you to assign it to specific clients
• You can create a license number and serial number that allows you to keep track of your project on a longer period
• EA Install is compatible with MetaTrader platforms: Expert Advisor, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4.5, MetaTrader 4.5 Expert Advisors.
System Requirements:
• Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
• 2 GHz PC
• 1 GB free disk space
• The installer is configured for 32-bit systems.
EA Install Features:
• Able to create a license agreement for your installer. If you don’t have a license agreement, you can generate one easily
• Generate license and serial number for your installer
• Completely compatible with MetaTrader 4, 5, 4.5 and 4.5 Expert Advisors
• You can add as many files as you want
• You can specify their format
• You can specify their destination folder
• You can specify their permissions
• Able to create a basic readme file and add a whats new file
• You can add banners to the installer
• You can add a full list of files to the installer
• Can’t encrypt files that are in use by default
• Can’t generate a license number
• Can’t generate a serial number
• Can’t add labels to the installer
• Can’t select the destination folder
• Can’t select the permission of the files
• Can’t add translations
• Can’t choose the icon of the installer
• You can add images to the installer• Send to a friend

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What’s New in the EA Install?

Source Code:
EA Install Portable:
Download EA Install:

EA Install Trial:

MetaTrader Expert Advisors is a full featured MetaTrader Expert Advisor that performs analysis of price signals, as well as taking a number of other actions, which include stock market movements and real-time charting. The MetaTrader Expert Advisor was developed by ProStep Software Ltd, and is available for free download.

Source Code:
EA Install Portable:
Download EA Install:

EA Install Trial:

MetaTrader Expert Advisors is a full featured MetaTrader Expert Advisor that performs analysis of price signals, as well as taking a number of other actions, which include stock market movements and real-time charting. The MetaTrader Expert Advisor was developed by ProStep Software Ltd, and is available for free download.

MetaTrader Expert Advisors version is available now for download. This new version has over 300 improved features compared to the last EA version available for your Expert Advisors:
*EA3.1 is a new version with new layout, improved UI, new features…etc…
Version has lot of new features :
*Visualization Control Panel : Tools added to MA Settings window
*New portfolio category (Include all the categories we have today plus some new categories)
*Many MA Settings can now be saved and restored with new “Restore” button in MA Settings window
*MA Settings can now be opened on other windows with “Show As” button
*Checkbox to enable/disable all trading types on all currencies for your EA
*Numerous bug fixes, improvements and fixes



System Requirements For EA Install:

Hard drive space: 10GB
Processor: Intel i5-3570k or AMD equivalent
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 760 or AMD equivalent
Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: 11
Download the update here:#include
#include “mesh.h”
#include “l2.h”
#include “l3.h”
#include “cr.h”


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