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. search for your file and launch. Ukraine — Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said his country is ready for a “punishment operation” in the east if pro-Russian separatists do not give up their weapons.

The threat came as a warplanes were reported to be circling the Ukrainian-held city of Slovyansk, some 450 miles north of the government stronghold of Kiev.

In an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation,” Poroshenko defended the Ukrainian military’s methods against the separatist militants who seized more than a dozen towns over the weekend.

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He pointed to the fact that government troops have suffered more than a thousand casualties in fierce battles with the separatists.

“We are ready for a punishment operation if not given back the captured areas,” Poroshenko said. “A joint operation is being prepared, and we are ready to commence as soon as we see that the capturers do not give back the captured territory.”

“And if the capturers don’t give back the captured territory, then we have our own forces that can give that punishment.”

Poroshenko also indicated that if the conflict continues, the international community would be faced with a choice of either supporting Ukraine or just watching it disintegrate.

“The international community will have to choose between the Ukrainian state and the coup. If the international community is unable to choose, I think we will be witnessing the end of Ukraine as an independent state,” he said.

The Ukrainian president said that if his government had not been providing assistance to the separatists, “of course, there would be a catastrophe.”

He said that he was not prepared to consider taking Kiev’s territory back from the rebels, no matter how much suffering that would entail.

“We shall never be ready to go back to [Kiev’s] former territory. But of course, we would never give up the interests of our people,” he said.

The Ukraine president said he expected “very serious reactions” from the international community over the latest events in the east.

In his interview, Poroshenko reiterated his call to hold a meeting of the Minsk peace treaty. “At the end of this week, we have a chance to hold a very important meeting in Minsk. We expect very serious reactions of the Russian side,” he said.




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