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Sony Virtual Remote Control allows remote control of some Sony devices such as S-EINE, S-PEN, S-DF1, S-ZX1, S-DV1, S-SD1, S-EK1, S-EX1, S-PW1, S-SDD1, S-HU1, S-EP1, S-EG1, S-DS1, S-HW1, S-GX1, S-GW1, S-ZH1, S-DH1, S-EG2, S-GZ2, S-HD1, S-SD2, S-DF2, S-EZ1, S-ED1, S-DH2, S-EX2, S-EP2, S-EV1, S-GC1, S-GX2, S-GC2, S-GF1, S-GD1, S-GT1, S-SC1, S-SDP1, S-SW1, S-DW1, S-ZD1, S-GL1, S-GZ1, S-QW1, S-HD2, S-EH1, S-DH3, S-XE2, S-PW2, S-ZC1, S-GD2, S-SG1, S-GC2, S-GD2, S-GX2, S-EG3, S-DH3, S-ED2, S-ES1, S-ED3, S-EE1, S-EH2, S-EH3, S-EE2, S-GG1, S-GH1, S-GO1, S-GF2, S-GX3, S-GB2, S-GS2, S-GD3, S-GH2, S-GC3, S-EG3, S-EF1, S-EA1, S-EG3, S-GF3, S-GX4, S-GZ2, S-DH4, S-GG1, S-GD4, S-GX2, S-GF2, S-GX3, S-GD3, S-HD4, S-EA2, S-EH4, S-EA3, S-GD3, S-HD4, S-EF2 eea19f52d2

Improvements over Thunderbird

Fixed major issue #1, #2, #3 and #4.
Fixed non-reproducible issue #4.
Fully compatible with Thunderbird 64-bit (except for #5).

Full-featured interface.
Full support for international characters.
Supports rich MIME content, including images and sounds.
Supports saving messages in compressed formats.
Supports international keyboard layout.
Allows attaching files directly to messages.
Supports all the MIME types.
Supports password-protected ESMTP (SMTP over TLS).
Supports ECRYPT.
Supports forwarding.
Allows attaching files from Windows Explorer.
Manages and parses all kinds of attachments.
Supports attachment filtering.
Supports the customizable header pane.
Supports most non-standard MIME types.
Simplified configuration options.
Simplified MIME filters.
Simplified column configuration options.
Unified file dialog for saving attachments.
Better integration with Thunderbird.
Permanent encrypted mailboxes.
Full Unicode support.
Can be used in the panel.
Allows pinning tabs for quick access.
Permanently decrypts messages.
Unread messages sort order.
Filter notifies.
Converts messages to multiple formats.
Supports drag-and-drop operation for copying, pasting, cutting, and moving messages.
Supports drag-and-drop operation for attachments.
Manages folders.
Built-in AES-256 and 3DES encryption.
Integrated support for X.509 certificates.
Supports S/MIME.
Supports Blackhole filters.
Supports authentication by default.
Unified message status for groups.
Supports UNIX-like file system.
Allows signing of messages.
Supports SSL.
Supports Mailing Lists.
User can search by sender or subject.
User can search by subject tags.
Provides integration with several web-based services.
Uses Mozilla NSS.
Permanently decrypts mail.
Permanently decrypts messages by default.
Simplifies the configuration.
Filters MIME types.
Filters messages with specific subject tags.
Filters messages by a particular sender.
Allows users to use their personal key to encrypt/decrypt messages.
Allows users to access hidden files.
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